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Help, somebody's cat is spraying against my window !

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Hello, I am new to this site & could really use some help. I have a neutered male cat who is always indoors. Lately, there have been some wandering tom cats outside. One (or perhaps more than one) has taken to spraying against a basement window located under my deck. The window is so poorly sealed that the urine spray is actually seeping through the window and onto the cinderblock in the basement. The basement then smells awful. I'm cleaning it as best as possible (a non-ammonia product), airing it out, and I'm not allowing my own cat to go downstairs. I haven't actually seen the cat who is doing the spraying, but we have saw cat paw prints in the snow that went under the deck. I know I can't stop an outdoor cat who isn't mine from spraying but I am really unhappy with this situation. Does anyone have suggestions about how I can block this cat from the window area? I don't want to have to put some kind of fencing around the entire bottom of the deck because it will cost a lot. Thank you for your ideas.
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This is a rather smelly problem!
I live on groundfloor and my cats use the bedroom window as their door to the garden. Soon after I moved in here, there were very often 2 male cats singing outside my window (both my cats are female) and quite often when I got home a male cat had been in my flat and sprayed in different places. At first I let my cats have the whole flat when I wasnt home but after to many spraying incidents in my living room and one sign of fight I only let them have the bedroom, since other cats obviously took advantage of this party site. After that I still got visits and very often there was spraying against my window - on the inside, and also on furniture. I had new wardrobe made and the doors weren´t ready yet and after one of the visits the whole of the hanger section had been sprayed, so I had to take all the clothes and wash them or take them to the cleaners.
This smell is so hard to get rid off, and you are not always in the mood having to do spring cleaning when you get home...
So I took an advise I got, I know its not a nice one, but it seems to have worked. When I saw these males singing outside my window I went with two glasses of vegetable oil and threw the oil at them. I had to do this twice and after that I didnt see them for months and I never had spraying wisits after this. I sometimes see these cats now, but they never come inside.
I know that getting oil thrown over your fur must be very unconfortable, but its completely harmless, and I quess it had to be uncomfortable for them to take notice.
I have now bought a cat flat with magnetic key for the window, I just havent put it in yet, but then I dont have to worry about unwanted visitors.
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Cats so not like the smell of citrus so I might recommend getting a citrus product and cleaning, and spray your window area good. You also need an enzyme based cleaner to get the urine smell out for good. I have found a product called Nok-Out works great. If you want the Web address, I will find it for you. Please let us know how you make out.......
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