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I thought I would share what is going on with Gizmo since I got him Friday night!

We are slowly introducing him to Fluffy and Tigger. Tigger hisses, only for a second. He doesn't stand back either....he just walks away! When we 1st brought him home, he hissed right back! I bring him out in the living room every couple of hours to run around. He likes to chase Tigger around.... funniest thing! This morning, Fluffy and Gizmo toughed noses She is still a little cautious about him. We haven't introduced him to Cinammon yet. We are going to wait on that, since he is so small still.

I take him to the vet this afternoon. I noticed yesterday he feels warm. Is this normal in a kitten of 7 weeks? He is eating/drinking using litter box fine. Although, I have noticed he cries when he uses the litter box?