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Is Eye Removal Necessary?

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Stevie is a seven month old kitten. He was born with a bad eye infection that has caused blindness in his left eye. In the first few months, his eye socket would fill up with fluid and swell. After a week or two the eye would natuarally drain.

Presently his eye would fill up but not drain at all. He has received two minor surgeries draining the eye socket but no reason why the eye swells. We have received two opinions that the eye should be removed and closed shut with stitches.

Is there another solution to this problem before we remove his eye? The eyelid is fully functional and does not secrete fluid.

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Welcome to the forums Dawn,

Poor little Stevie!

I'm not a vet and I guess even a vet wouldn't be able to give advice without seeing the patient.

I assume that the two opinions you mentioned ARE by vets. As the eye is not functioning anyway, I think maybe removing it would be the best thing for Stevie. It might save him the need to go through endless operations in the future.

Sounds to me like he's got a loving family, who would keep loving him with one or two eyes...


p.s. I had to edit the post to change the letters case. It's very hard to read a post if it's all in capital letters.
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