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Intersticial Cystitis.

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I received Gremlin's urinalysis, and this was the problem. I hope I spelled it right.

Does anyone have a cat with this condition? Any stories, helpful hints? I'm in the process of swtiching him over the Wysong Utrine.
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and prayers... I dont know that much on it so I will wait for the experts to arrive..
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My Lyra had this when she was younger. We simply changed her to an all wet food diet for a few years, and she was on daily doses of glucosamine. We were lucky, she grew out of it.

I know we have at least one, and I'd bet more, TCS members currently dealing with this, who will drop in and comment.

I'm glad you now have a diagnosis, so you can take steps to treat it and make your kitty much more comfortable!
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I've been mulling over putting him on an all wet diet, but I know it will be almost to dificult as he prefers dry food, and the new kitten is insane for stealing. I've such little patience right now as it's been a great ordeal trying to determine what was wrong with Gremlin, and dealing with the new kitten.

I've been told that it could be stress related (which makes total sense because of my recent move and new kitten in the apartment). They'd like to try him on an anti anxiety med as well as the anti-biotic.
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That's what they told me my cat had. I have him on Waltham's So and I also add glucosamine in form of cosequin for cats to his food.
Whatever it is, it did the trick so far, he is not peeing everywhere no more.
By the way, his Waltham's So is dry. He also eats Nutro packets wet. He is picky about his wet food and doesn't like any of the good brands, such as Eagle Pack, Felidae, Wellness, etc. He will only eat it if it's chunks in gravy. But the dry Waltham's is working on him so far.
I would have tried Wysong uretic, but since Waltham's is working, I don't want to change it for my cat. Also, anti-anxitey meds is a good idea. My cat was on xanax for while when he had his FIC episode.
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