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Just wondering.....

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I was wondering if anyone else bought a subscribion to Photobuckut. I just purchased a 1 year subscription to Photobucket, and it says on it that I basically have unlimited bandwith. There is a limit to the amount of space I can use on their server, but it's a lot more than the free services. I'm wondering if I did a stupid thing buying space on Photobucket, or not. I do have my own message board, and I put all of my banner, background images ect on Photobucket, so I'm thinking it might have been a good idea.
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I think it was a wonderful idea, and really, since it benefits a company willing to provide a free service to millions, I think it's GREAT when a few people chip in to keep everything running smoothly. (I would pay for a photobucket account, but I need to get on more steady monetary ground, and pay for my cat site account first!)
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Yup. I have a photobucket subscription. It's not horribly expensive and just takes the pain out of linking pics, because you have so much more elbow room. I forget now what the numbers are -- I've had the account for almost 2 years and never regretted doing it.
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I just bought a subscribtion as well Hope
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