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This sucks!

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I was just informed at work that I couldn't keep my student worker due to budget issues! All staff members in my unit will not be able to have student workers..Last year, we had to cut hours for our assistants.. NOW we have NO assistants. What's NEXT?!?

I just got offline with my assistant and boy it was HARD to inform her that I had to let her go. I was torn about HOW to tell her- tell her immediately so she'd have time to look for another job or wait till next week and tell her in person. I originally sent her an email this morning asking if we could meet in person this week for 10 min or so and she immediately IM'd me and started asking questions then guessed. I felt so bad!

She's a GREAT assistant and to be honest, I see a lot of myself in her. Told her that hopefully next year our budget will be better and if so that I WILL contact her to see if she's available to work.

To be honest, I am starting to FREAK out now cuz I really relied a lot on her and I have MORE of a workload now and now I have to do it all myself. Guess that means I will be bringing work home a lot more often and staying later more often. THIS SUCKS.

Has this happened to any of u? If so, how did u handle it? I feel so guilty and frustrated about this even though it's out of my hands....

One thing that really makes me ANGRY is the FACT that our president of the university EARNS MORE THAN OUR US PRESIDENT and our budget keeps getting cut every year?!? ::censor::censor::censor:: Our Univ pres lives in a free home, has a free car, free food, free flights everywhere AND earns MORE than the US PRESIDENT and does NOTHING..
I'm sorry I'm starting to rant now. I better shut up!
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Oh wow Pam, that does stink! Things just in life aren't fair and this is definitely one of those situations!
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Oh Pam i've never been in that situation to tell someone that before. I've had to get a couple from their departments to go to the Directors office if they were in bother and that was bad enough because everyone looks and wonders whats going on?!.

Don't let it stress you though because it really isn't worth it. Will you be getting paid any extra for taking work home?
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Doesn't seem fair at all! Try not to stress yourself too much. Sounds like it's out of your hands at this point. Sending you lots of stress-free vibes!
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