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Here I was ..........

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feeling down about my life when I heard from a friend that one of her 4 year old charges in her class is dead. Dead! The little girl had bronchitus, Dad checked on her about 11:00 and she seemed all right then sometime in the night she passed away. She got a piece of phlegm stuck in her throat,and choked to death. made me feel ashamed for thinking my life was a bit overwhelming at the moment, this puts life which is so precious, into perspective. Please pray for the parents and the teachers, as the teachers are going to have to answer some tough questions tomorrow from the little ones.
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That's so awful! I can only think of the sadness of the parents...

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Well, that scared the living "****" out of me. My son who is 5 frequently gets bronchitis, and I usually let him cough it out at night ( per doc's orders). No more of that. He'll be in the bed with me from now on. What a terrible thing to have happen to that poor baby.
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Nothing sadder than seeing a child die. The parents will be tearing themselves apart for years with "what ifs"..I hope their marriage will survive and they will lean on each other.

It's sad too how friends will shy away from people in this position because they feel "uncomfortable" in their presence. This is when you find out who your friends are.
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OMG!!! Those poor parents!!!!!
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Hissy - I will pray that time will heal their broken hearts. May Jehovah God give this family some comfort and the teachers the right words to say to their children.
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I was thinking about just that yesterday. There's a couple here in CT where the wife was taking care of her husband, who was paralized by a stroke. Monday, she slipped and fell down the stairs. She had laid there calling for help all night while her husband layed in bed and couldn't do anything. The next morning, the day nurse found her dead. The story brought tears to my eyes thinking of what both of them went through.
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Wow Hissy... I can't imagine myself in that teacher's shoes, those I often wonder how I would handle it. Please let her know that she is in my prayers.
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Wow - no parent expects to bury his or her child - that must be the absolute worst. Prayers coming their way!!

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Oh my gosh! Thats such a sad story. I fell for the parents and what they have to go through now.
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such a tradegy. I make sure to count my blessings every day
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Hissy and Sandie...those are both such very sad stories. My prayers will be with the families of these people, and also the little child's fellow students and teachers.
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