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I'm addicted

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I'm addicted to TCS!!

I just noticed I hit 1000 posts. I just love it here!
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I was/am the same way! Although I'm not supposed to be on here now because I'm at work, I used to be on ALL the time! It's a great place to be!
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If you are going to be addicted to something - this is a good thing!!
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Congrats on your thousand posts!

It is sort of like a drug, isn't it? I leave Friday for a week, and I will be having serious withdrawal! I find myself logging in every morning first thing to check on everyone's cats - Boris, Casmo, etc.
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Yay!!!!...1,000 post! .....Yes definetely is adictive!
Congratulations!!! this deserves a dance for you! you have !
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Congrats!! It's amazing how quickly they add up!
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Congratulations from a fellow addict!
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Congratulations... !

At least it's a very healthy addiction!
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Congratulations on the 1000th post.

TCS certainly is addictive!
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No question that TCS is addictive, but as everyone else has observed, if you're going to have an addiction, this is the one to have! Congratulations!
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Congratulations on your 1000th post.
We are all TCS addicts & loving evey minute of it.
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this is worse than the video game addiction i once had.
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like 2 more till i have 100!! whooo whooo!! lol
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Congratulations...100 posts.
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I've got a looooooong way to go to hit either. But as good a forum as is this one, it shouldn't be too hard to do.
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