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Gas price joke ... MUST SEE!!

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Someone emailed this to me and I just couldn't stop

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and also TRUE!

Cost me over $35 the other day to fill up...I almost said :censor::censor::censor:? to the gas attendant!!!!
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So true!!, Gas prices here in the Sioux are up to $1.23 a litre!, and I have to fill up tomorrow
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Oh my goodness, those are so funny! And true!!
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LOL! I can relate - I got a deal this morning 2.56/gallon - My bill was 29.30 - thank goodness I didn't hit $30 - that extra 70 cents would have just been ARGGGH!
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Gas is high here, 2.62 a gallon. Cost me 44 dollars to fill up my van! I almost choked!
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LOL I'm printing that out as i type! Gas is 2.55 here for now and my parents are afraid because we're going to daytona beach next month to see family :-o
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You are all just so lucky in the US! In most of Europe it costs up to $100 to fill an average car. Even here in Bosnia, where it is cheaper it costs me $60 to fill my VW PAssat.
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All about perspective!
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Its up close to $1/l here too - it costs us $120 to fill the truck
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Yeah, we have to put Premium in our stupid car and it costs like $40 to fill up in the city nowadays. ::censor::censor::censor:: is right!
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Oh man I'm printing that one out & hanging it up here at work!!!
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I am glad we could all find a little humor (and I do mean a little humor) and laugh about these ridiculous gas prices!!

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$43.33 to put 38.89 litres in Sheba yesterday
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