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last night my new kitten (he is 12 weeks old, i got him 2 weeks ago) was meowing loudly for hours and then began to vomit. he did this 4 times and the last time he vomited up a few (3 or 4) live long white worms.

i will be taking him to the vet as soon as i can get off of work but can anyone tell me what is wrong with my cat? he is normally very playful hungry and cuddly and now he is just loud and he looks so sad.
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He has round worms and needs to see a vet. The vet will give him medicine that might make him feel a bit bad for just a short while then you will see an elimination of the worms from his system so be prepared. It's nasty but would be even nastier if not treated, because roundworms take all the proteins and nutrients a cat needs from their system
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is your kitten an outdoor kitten ?
my cats vomit alot they are outdoor/indoor he might be catching birds or bunnies wich is making him vomit.
but going to the vet is prob. the best thing to do.
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Sounds like round worms. I don't know if he's old enough to be wormed yet, but you vet will determine if and what meds you can give him. Just steer clear of the OTC worm medications, they are harmful to cats.
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when i bought him the vet told me he was already dewormed august 1st. i bought him august 11th.
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They sometimes need two, even three treatments for these. Roundworms are common in puppies and kittens. Please get the kitten to the vet to be treated.
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can round worms be spread to humans? and they are not round. they are thin white and quite long.
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my boyfriend is pretty worried about them spreading to us. Can this happen?
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