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Kitty in the cupboard...GAH!

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So I spent most of last night getting Timine out of the dishes cupboard.
I am now desperate and tired.
Timine is quite a big cat, so when he jumps on the counter,opens the cupboard doors and goes rummaging in it, only bad things can happen.
I hear dishes being pushed around and woke up to the terrible noise of a broken glass in the middle of the night. (To add to the horror, little Luna, who was watching him all the time, tired to eat one of the many shards of glass on the floor! WHY would she do that!?)
Now, it's not the first time that happens, they both have been known to get into the pantry to steal food, until I got fed up and put some kind of plastic stopper on the door. (They still try it once in a while, without success..)
But the dishes!!? Why would he want to go in there? Is there a way to keep them away from the place? Some smell they don't like that I might put up there?? I don't want stoppers on all my kitchen doors! I will have to if I don't have a choice...but I'd love to hear other suggestions...thank you!
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My two jump into the cupboards for a nose around when i'm putting things away, but they've never actually opened the doors themselves!

Childlocks are the only thing i can think of to stop them?!
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Hihi, yes, they both learned to open doors pretty early. It's usually funny until I have to wake up to pick up broken glass!lol
Yes, that right, childlock is one solution, I dind't have a choice with the food pantry...but it makes nasty wholes in the doors and the screws come out on the other side...I wouldn't mind, but I'm ranting the place!lol
I've seen those little plastic spikey rugs that you put where you don't want the cat the climb...would that work? Anyone heard of it?
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What about one of these from Safety 1st, no screws required, just depends on your handle type.

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I have one cat that is notorious for opening cupboard doors (Prowler) she is a poly so her her extra toes give her extra advantage. Mike has an extensive shop so I use his plastic C Clamps. I only need to do this at night though, during the day she is otherwise occupied and leaves them alone
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I have most attractive (not) small size bungee cords on all my cabinets or Rocky will go investigating. His favourite is the garbage cabinet.
Once, they got into the cabinet where their food is kept and ate a large whole through the bag. I then got a large plastic bin and that solved that problem.

I would go for the child locks or something similiar. It sounds dangerous if they are breaking glasses. Rocky will still attempt to get in with the bungee cords on the handles but he is my less than bright boy and doesn't get that its not going to work until he's tried at least 10 times.
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Well! Wow! I'll have to go shopping tonight! I didn't know so many locks existed. I guess they are found in the baby section...say at Walmart? It's good to know that mine are not the only little pantry devil.;P I wouldn't mind much, but you're right, glass is very dangerous, especially if they get crazy ideas like eating it! Geez!
I did have problems with my garbage too! It's a small, plastic one, so they had no problem tipping it and I found out soon enough that they would eat anything from it...even the platic bag! Now I put it under the sink with a huge encyclopedia on top and try not to put stinky food in it, lol, have yet to find a better way...;P
Thanks for the help!
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Magnetic latches were the best solution for me.
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We are off to get heavier magnetic catches this weekend. Since we moved to the house Dori has an obsession with the cabinets. She takes off running from the bedroom all the way to the kitchen and without stopping opens the cabinet and darts right inside. I really don't want child locks on all the cabinets so I am going to try stronger magnets.
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Sometimes it's just a matter of adjusting the spacing. If the magnet is closer to the plate, then it will "stick" better.
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