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Is Something Wrong with My Cat after Neuter

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Hi all,
Took my kitten Jake into vet 2 days ago for desexing. They
discovered he still had a testicle inside him which they'd have to
find (apparently not that uncommon) and they did the surgery late in
the day and kept him overnite..I picked him up last night, brought
him home, and within an hour I noticed a fair bit of fresh blood on
the bed. It was not coming from the stitches. I rushed him back to
vet and they said the testicle that there was blood oozing from was
where they slit open the testicle that was outside. The first vet
thought it was possibly caused by them not knotting it off
properly. She then had a more experienced vet look at him (it was
at the University of Sydney Vet Hospital) who thought it was
probably just that he had opened it up through grooming. They kept
him overnight and apparently 2 more vets looked at him today and
think that that is all it is. I picked him up tonight. He's come
home with a cone/collar to stop him licking it and I have to keep
him away from the other cats for a week. Everything in the area
appears very swollen to me (though not as swollen as last night).
Apparently they took bloods and his red blood cell count is just a
little higher than normal. They gave him a shot of antibiotic last
night and apparently he's been running a high fever (which they
thought might be caused by the stress of being in
hospital...apparently he hid under his blanket and didn't eat the
whole time he was there, his sister did the same 2 weeks ago when
she got desexed, she was fine when she got home). We've been home
about an hour and a half. The collar is driving him crazy, and he's
walking a bit bow-legged. I've looked at the area and thought I saw
a chunk of blood and looked closer and noticed that when he moved a
certain way something pink underneath sort of popped out, i thought
it was his penis, but it's not in the right area.
I'm hoping someone can reassure me everything's ok. I'm very
worried, its almost 9pm here and I have to be at work early tomorrow
morning and won't be able to leave til after 4pm. He's napping at
the moment and had a little bit to eat a short while ago.
Thanks in advance for your help!
Naomi, kittens Jacob & Star, cats Samantha & Tabitha
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I don't know much about this, but I would say that a small amount of swelling will be quite normal. Maybe there is a little more because he had to be checked again?!

Make sure you keep and eye on him to check that there's no more blood or any discharge and that he's generally okay!

I'm sure someone will be able to give you some advice! I would say that if you are still worried, then speak to your vet or visit another one (separate to the hospital) for a second opinion.

I hope Jake is feeling better soon and here are some for you! I understand how worrying it can be!
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I would call the vet and take him in for a recheck, or see if there is another clinic you can take him to- Poor kitty he must be so stressed out. Let him have a dark, quiet place to just sleep and hide and regroup until you can get him to the vet again.
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Several yrs ago my Ox had an unknown injury. He ended up wearing a elizabethen collar and did not like it. We didn't add additional stress and mess around with it or call undue attention to it as he wore it for at least 2-3 weeks. He did get used to it!!
Do you have some favorite foods you can temporarily give him???
Hope he heals ok
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i dont have any advise to give you but i hope he will be fine soon
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