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How Does One feel positive?

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I have been searching for a job and I have given up temporarily until the Olympics are over. I have been feeling discouraged and not good enough. See, whenever I go apply for a job, I feel bad when I see other people applying for the same position. people who have more skills and experience then me. Like last week, I found a job that was newly posted on the Department of Workforce Services site and went to apply right away, a day after it was posted and it was already filled. It got me so mad. When I am given job leads I get scared. What if they don't like me? When I tried for the position at the Delta Center, where the Utah Jazz plays, I did everything the job counselors tell me. Go with a good resume, neatly dressed and groomed, and on time(I was half an hour early) for the interview. I answered all questions truthfully. But she called me and told me that someone else got the job! All I think of applying for is McDonalds or some minimum wage job. I do have skills in typing and computer and I have great customer service skills. I always do what I am told and never complain! When I find help wanted in office, they are always asking for 6 months or more experience. All the good jobs are taken by people more experienced than me. I don't know were to look for. I need health insurance and I would like to buy a house in one or two years. Also a car. I wanted to go to mexico for my cousin's wedding in May. How can one stay positive when there is bad luck. I'd be happier if everyday after school, I'd go to my job. When I hear of other people complaining about their jobs, I tell them to give it to me. I will be more than happy to trade with them. I was going to apply at Kmart, but now, I don't think so. I am trying to not be afraid of the cash register. I need new clothes, makeup(I don't have any), and I need to start feeling good about myself. Sorry, I had to vent my frustrations at the economy.
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I don't know if I have any really wonderful advice...but just hang in there Nena...and also pray about it, if you haven't already, that usually helps. I know what you mean about being afraid...I have been at the same job for 12 years, and everytime I think about switching jobs, I get really scared. I have never ran a cash register before, either, so the thought of trying to run one, would scare me also, I'm afraid I wouldn't understand it, or screw something up. But I think we just have to give ourselves more credit....it is just our insecurities that hold us down, and I am sure you would do fine at anything you set your mind to doing. You are a very intelligent person, and very likeable, so I am sure you will find something soon...just don't give up!
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but that only means we've got to be more flexible in our searches. It's hard for us "oldtimers" too. I find many companies are so boggled by the new technology, that they themselves don't understand, that they are wasting huge amounts on un-needed things. Then they have to hire tecchies who know the system,but don't have any understanding of the business. The transportation industry is rife with this problem now. Lots of "new and improved"systems and highly educated computer folks,but hauling freight at cost or below.

All I can suggest at this point is taking every opportunity to learn computer programs,etc. Especially the business stuff. You can do this ..you learned how to use this thing after all. The buying a home and travelling may take awhile to come,but you will get there.
Right now,concentrate on gaining any work record you can. Don't feel it's your fault. There are lots of "experienced" people out there whose job or training has just disappeared on them,leaving them having to begin all over again. It's simply the times we're in.

Hang tough and don't be afraid to do new things. You will make it if you keep trying.
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Nena, just keep looking. The perfect job will eventually come along, and you'll know it. Try not to be afraid of trying something new, such as a cash register. Most people catch on quickly ( I was a shift supervisor for 3 years and trained many people ), I'm sure you would too. Chin up girl, I know you can do it!!!!!!!!!
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