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Question about neutering

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I have an appt in a couple of weeks for my boys to get neutered. I made the appt for my day off, but am wondering if it would be better to have it done the day before, so I can be with them all day the next day? They do tend to recover pretty quickly, no? I'm not sure it would work on a day I work as I work into the evening and might not be able to go pick them up that night, but I thought maybe I'd call and see.
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They generally go home the same day and usually bounce back quickly. You should be fine and so should they. Thanks for doing the responsible thing-
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Good for you getting them done! I agree with Hissy. they should be ok. The boys tend to bounce back really fast. In fact halen was clawing at his carrier to get out, and when i got him home..off he went..happy as a clam.
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I agree!
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Just went through this with my little Bob. I, too, was going to take-off from work but males (neuter) is not as "major" as a spay--females.

Bob was brought in to the vet. Tuesday a.m. -- I picked him up around 4:00 pm and by 8:00 pm the same evening...he was pretty much back to himself.

This morning (Wed.) he is popping around like normal. Good luck on the neuters...I'm sure your little boys will be fine
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I would take the day after off....and really wished I'd done that...see my post re problems I've had with Jake's neutering....hopefully you won't have any problems, but I sure wish I could have had the last couple days at home, or at least one of them.
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All the vets here REQUIRE that your animal stay overnite-- but then prices are a bit high too-- danged college towns. For a cat neuter, they want 150.00$ and for the cat to be there at 7 am the day of the operation and to stay until closing the next day. That 150.00$ doesnt include their "required stays" so we are looking at close to 200 -250 bucks for a cat nueter-- i dont even want to askwhat a spay is-- imhaving to take PB out of state (into AL) to get him fixed for a decent fee-- hes a hermaphrodite so its gonna be costly anyway-- spay and nueter--- all the vets around here wanted in excess of 600$ bucks to get him fixed since it would be a spay neuter.

Just wondering if going home the same day is normal everywhere else for neuters?
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My vet does his surgeries in the morning. You have to drop them off by 7am. But if you can't make it, you can drop them off the night before after 5pm, and they don't charge boarding fee since the animal isn't allowed to eat anyways. You pick them up the morning after thier surgery. I dropped Sasha off at 6pm Monday night, since I wouldn't be able to get her there in time in the morning, and her surgery was done Tuesday morning, and I picked her up Wedensday morning, although you can pick them up at any time during business hours that day. I missed my kitty, that's for sure! They do it that way so they can observe during the day and can tell if an animal is dealing with the surgery ok and recovering fine.
I can't remember exactly what hers cost, but it was around $150 for Gizmo! I haven't had a male cat in ages, so I'm not sure what it costs for a cat neuter. I found a good spay neuter clinic,though, that does it way cheaper. A cat neuter is $20, a cat spay is $30, and I got my then-80 pound dog neutered for $50. Too bad I couldn't take my Shih Tzu there, he needed some teeth pulled as well, and the clinic doesn't have dental tools, and I didn't want him anesthetized(sp?) twice. Cost me over $100 to have a 12 pound dog neutered and retained puppy teeth pulled.

Recovery time? None at all. The girls seemed a bit sore for a day or so, and my dogs were up running the same day. Male kitties at the rescue were running around as soon as the drugs wore off.

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