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Frustrated - Sign in

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Why do I need to sign in to this board several times during one visit?

I read a previous thread on signing in problems and have tried all the things listed there. I'm a very experienced computer user and belong to 6 or 8 other boards. This is the only board where I have the problem. I sometimes have to sign in to the board 6 or 8 times in 30 minutes. It's become quite a pain. Yes, I definitely have the "Remember Me" box checked.

Anyone have an idea how to help with this problem?

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Hmm, I am really not sure. I never have to sign in. Hopefully one of our more technical mods will be here soon.

Please don't leave TCS because of it, as I am sure it can be worked out
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Is it possible that you are running a security program that is removing TCS's cookie that contains your user ID & password while you are still online?
I am sure that you already know...when you sign on to TCS a cookie placed in your temp. internet files. That cookie contains your sign info. It is www.thecatsite...
If that cookie is removed...you must sign in again.
My guess is that a security program is removing the cookie. Ck. your security settings if you use IE & any other security programs that you are running.
You may need to re-set your security levels.
I am sure other members will post more ideas for you.
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