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Jesse James gets neutered :(

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Jesse James, my F2 Chausie, gets neutered tomorrow morning.

I know I should be happy that I am taking him for his vet appointment tomorrow, but it's still sad to know he will be having surgery.

Please send good vibes that all goes well. My little one has a testicle that hasn't "dropped" so the surgery will take a little longer.

I wasn't thinking when I made the appointment and I have to work until 10:00pm. Dave is off at 8:00. I wish I had made it for a day that I was off at 5:30 so I could baby him right away.

Wish him luck.....he is such a sweet kitten. Hard to believe he is over 40% wild blood. He is a mush.

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Good luck Jesse James
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He says "thanks".

Hopefully the other cats won't realize their food and water is now gone and in the middle of the night and start bugging us.
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He's a bengal??? I never knew bengals could be black... but that just shows how much I know about nothing eh?

I know they can come all silver with white tips and things like that but yours is the first black one I have seen.

Unless he is not a bengal? If so what is he since he has 40% wild blood?

And sending vibes that his surgery goes well! Its a bit easier for the males though! Too bad his other one didnt drop and requires a bit more "poking around" to do the job eh?
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Lots of good vibes heading out to Jesse James.
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Sending good vibes for Jessie James.
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Thanks guys!

Jesse James is a Chausie. My kitty Zeke is the Bengal. A Chausie is bred with the Jungle Cat (Felis Chaus...I think is the real name).

He is doing okay. His second testicle was in his abdomen. Poor baby has half his belly shaved from the surgery. The vet said to use shredded paper for litter. The first thing he did when allowed to come out of the bathroom was snuck into the litter box. Oh well, too late now. I just have to watch him closer. Hopefully he won't get the cut infected. They didn't use stitches, they used glue, so nothing is open. So far he is leaving the incision alone.

He wanted to play rough with Zeke so I had to put him back in the bathroom. I can't even keep him with me tonight because we just bought a house and are in the process of remodeling the entire house and my room has no doors.
So he has to spend the night alone in the bathroom

Anyways thanks for wishing him well.

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I'm glad it went OK for the little guy! He's a very handsome kitten. Sending vibes for a very speedy recovery!
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More speedy recovery vibes for Jesse James!
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