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Found New Man!

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Okay, on Christmas Eve, I met a man while I was working at 7-11. He was getting some hot chocolate. We looked at each other and felt this immediate attraction to him. His name is Roberto and he is from Mexico. He is 34 years old and owns a construction business. We are not rushing into anything just yet. But I really like him. We've been talking and going out together four times now. Unlike other men, he dosen't push me into marrying me right away. He knows that you can't rush love. It has to grow, like a flower. Now, he is not the most handsome man on earth, but I gave up on looking for handsome men. He is an average looking guy, a little taller than me. I am so happy. I've been lonely and wanting companionship for a long time now. Even before I broke up with my exboyfriend. Roberto is here in Utah so I don't have to miss him. And he is an animal lover!!!! He needs to be educated though. He thinks dogs should be outdoors and not let in the house because they will leave hair all over and we can develop allergies. I told him the only thing to do is bathe the dog every week, brush every day, and get a dog that is not too hary. He is very interested in Rascal. They haven't met yet, but I believe the two will get along great!
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By the way, this is just the beginning. But when I saw this man, I said to myself, " I am not letting this guy go, Nope! He is mine!" I am hoping things will grow and I am finally with a good man.
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I am soooooooooo happy for you! It hard to find someone you can connect with. I wish you all the best!
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That is GREAT, Nena!!! I wish you and Roberto lots of luck, and I really hope it works out for you! He sounds like a decent guy!
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Oh Alicia, what wonderful news! I know what a rough year you had last year, and this sounds like a great turn around for you. I am so happy that you've found someone who makes you happy. I wish you all the best.
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YEY!!! Alicia thats fantastic!!! All the best to you guys!!!
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Well I am happy for you and hope that everything will work out if... he is the right one... Don't rush things, let it happen. You have to know each other, go out, have fun and see how both of you reacts to everyday life in the long term.

It may be love or it's just attraction, only time can tell... I am sure you will know when the time comes!

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I am very happy for you. You deserve happiness!
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How wonderful it is to meet someone after being alone for so long. Good luck to you both!
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Alicia!!! This is wonderful news...it's so nice to hear someone's found love! Best Wishes Sweetie!!!

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so glad you have met a good man - it really makes a difference from men that are well..lets just say not so nice, I hope everything works out and keep us posted
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See now....I TOLD you guys I wasn't the only great guy left. :LOL:

Alicia,I truly hope this is your day in the sun. I know how much better life is when you have someone to share it with. I wish you love.
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