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New kitten goes balistic!

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I have a kitten I bottle fed, who now is eating kitten food. He is the typical baby, running, pouncing, bitting everything it can get its mouth on. However....

This past weekend Basil bit my face, I said no! I didn't yell, and he went nuts!
Tail like a pipe cleaner, spitting growling and trying to bite me like crazy. he jumped out of my arms and hid behind the entertainment center.

Two minutes later he had forgotten his previous reaction and happily set forth biting on the wires behind the entertainment center. I tried coaxing him with no results, and 20 minutes later I am still trying to get him out. before you ask, I cant move that thing by myself, 200lbs without anything on it.

So, I got the broom and pushed him out, he seemed fine and came out. I went to pick him up and he went off! I had to get a towel, throw it over him just to pick him up to put him in his room.

He has been tested for felv/fip, everything. So, I am hoping someone can give me some advise. He is becoming more and more aggresive, I hope it is a phase. Thanks!
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Get him neutered. He is showing his male side quite early. Call your vet and see if they do early neuters, some do, some do not. Otherwise, this is pretty typical of a male kitten to do. Heck I have a female 15 week old that bites continually no matter what we try.
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I have had two cats that acted like that when they got out of control. The Towel is a good way to restrain him and protect yourself. I will also scruff my cat for restraint. (Never pick your cat up this way- always support him with your other hand!) Then I put him somewhere quiet to "chill out" for an hour or so. Sometimes I put him in his cat carrier for an hour or so. He quickly learned that all aggressive behaviour got him was a very boring time-out. When I let him out he is very affectionate- I think it's his way of apologising.
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Dr Doolittle, is it ok to sruff them then?! I was really worried about this. Theo is a vicious little bugger sometimes, he bites and clings on so much that i could actually carry him around with him there on my arm (i don't do this by the way) Anyway i lost my temper with him a bit the other day when he did it (he does it for no particular reason either, just eyes me up and pounces) and got him by the scruff of his neck, fairly gently though, not hard, but it worked and he pulled away straight away.
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Thanks all for your words of advice. I too am a Veterinary Technician, and not a Vet at my clinic will neuter him this young. I did scruff him and the wee bugger kicked his legs over his head!!!!!!! I wish I were that limber!

Again, thank you all so much for your input, if you can think of anything else, please feel free to tell me.
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Hissy is of course right, you should get him neutered.
You could try a low cost spay/neuter clinic, they tend to do it earlier than other vets.
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