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Lump thing behind MY ear

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So i went to my health clinic at college today because i noticed i had this funky bump thing behind my i guess its the lymph nod area (i have no idea about those things). the little thing kinda moves around ( like its not like stuck in one place, i can move it slightly back and forth which sounds gross i know..) but now i almost think i have a really small one on the other side..? but i cant tell if its just the bone or one coming up too. when the lady checked it out she kinda pushed on it, and it went down later..but of course its popped up again. she said it might be some sort of like cyst thing..or..something minor..but a small part of me is just sort of freaked because im not allergic to least that i know of. i havent taken any medicine or done anything out of the 19 years i dont think it would be like some cancer thing..and actually i just talked to my friend and he said the lymph nods were lower to maybe its just a cyst thing?? but thats gross also. well if i die tomorrow it was nice chatting on this! if it turns out to be serious i'll update..and if not..i either died (j/k) or it was nothing, lol. either way i can update. lol.
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dont worry to much about it, mine did that this summer. Its just your body reacting to something. (weird how they move, no?) mine reacted like that from a bug bite of some sort. youll be ok!
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It sounds like it's a calcium deposit or something like that...nothing to worry about.
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thank you both! yea..its just like weird, lol. i want it to go away tho!!! thanks for the good vibes! lol..i will go have some ice cream now..o yea..
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Here's a good link:


A sebaceous cyst is a closed sac found just under the skin

Causes, incidence, and risk factors

Sebaceous cysts most often arise from swollen hair follicles. Skin trauma can also induce a cyst to form. A sac of cells is created into which a protein called keratin is secreted.

These cysts are usually found on the face, neck, and trunk. They are usually slow- growing, painless, freely movable lumps beneath the skin. Occasionally, however, a cyst will become inflamed and tender.


Sebaceous cysts are not dangerous and can usually be ignored.

Expectations (prognosis)

Most cysts may be ignored or treated with simple surgery

Think of it like a pimple under the skin. I think it will go away in time on its own!
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that gross but thank you!! (the pimple under the skin part, lol) yea i have this zit/pimp thing on the same side of my face kinda on my chin but near my maybe thats causing it..?? lol thanks!
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I don't think they are related, but each is a minor health issue. One has an opening (pimple), the other doesn't. Each best left alone to heal! Don't be too grossed out by a cyst, it happens sometimes!
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so my lump is as hard and stiff as ever..and even if its nothing..the fact there is this weird hard matter under my skin but on my skull area is really grossing me out. i realize it could go away tomorrow..or get bigger..but just with school starting and me trying to like get stuff organized..this doesnt help! im a nervous nelly! (nilly?) i dont know! go away gross thing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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i promis your ok! its really probably a "swollen lymph node" keep in touch with a doctor. youll be ok!
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I would not worry, from what you describe, it sounds like a sebaceous cyst. I had 2 on my back for years. However, since one was in an area of my back that would cause the cyst to rub against the back of a chair and so on, it ended up becoming irritated and inflamed, which caused a lot of pain. So, I had them both removed and you would never know they were there, except for the one that became inflamed, the surgery left a minor scar. One thing about these sebaceous cysts that is the most gross, is the stuff inside STINKS Just ask your doctor or anyone else who had one removed
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I fractured my wrist when I was 11, and had to wear a cast for six weeks. After I got it off I noticed a funny lump growing in the middle of my right arm on the left side. I can poke it. It doesnt go back in. And it feels a bit weird when I squeeze it. It grows unnaturally black and long hairs. Once I accidentally shaved the skin off of the top of it. It didnt hurt. Just bled a bit... bu tnow it is smaller

Hm... try to shave it off and see if it hurts or not. My arm thing doesnt bother me. Maybe if its not what other people have been saying then it is this. I think it came from a sore caused by the cast. Maybe you have been itching your ears or something and made a sore that hasnt gone away, so the tissue built up or something. I dont know. I just kind of am bored.

And I wasnt serious about taking a razor to your lump Dont do it. I'm not sure but I think it would probably hurt... and bleed... a lot....
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hmm i was thinking about it.. do you wear earings, it could be that your earing got infected and its making your lymph node bigger. I really like 95% belive its your lymph node because its that thing thats normal small, and it wiggles a little behind your ear. The infection doesnt have to be right on it for it to swell, when i was bit, it happend up a few inches and caused the swelling at the lymp node.
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I had several little things like that in my early twenties. When they began to bother me (one was behind my ear) I went and had them removed. It was very simple and totally painless - they used a local anaesthetic and I didn't feel a thing. It was all over in 30 minutes. GO and ask your doctor if you are worried.
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I've got them as well, and have left them alone. I had to check and they are still there and still nothing to worry about

If they really bother you though, as Jenny said, you can have them removed. Talk to your doctor ok?
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ay yi yi!! so i went today to the health clinic because my cyst hurt like a mother and i couldnt concentrate during ceramic and anthro. they said its a cyst (some doctor doctor looked at it) and to just put a warm/hot towel on it and hopefully by friday they can 'cut' and drain it. ew but thank the lord! lol i guess it was near the lymphy area...but not a lymph thing. because they said if something is wrong there it wouldnt hurt..and mind is a tad bit red and makes me want to cut it out! but its big. not a tiny pimple, im talking like huge funky bump..well friday awaits! lol thanks to all! peace
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not to gross anyone out! but look at this pain!! im in pain as we speak! cant wait till it goes down!!
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AWWW its not even noticeable (sp? Im tired lol)... But I know how you feel. It's there and you know it is so it's going to bother you more and make you more self concious about it.. But for what it's worth, You really can't see it.
I know people who have had them and it was something to do with sweat glands because it's so hot. I had one in my underarm (eewww) and it was because it was so hot out and my underwire in my bra(sorry to make ya blush boys) was rubbing it. And to touch it, OMG did it hurt.. But it went away in about a week.. I hope you get it taken care of quick and painlessly
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thank you! yea i guess its not that noticeable but if feels gigantic! lol. well im just putting hot towels on it. that makes it feel waaaay better!!
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Ouch, it does looks sore, though. I know that once you notice something like that, it's difficult to believe that EVERYONE isn't looking at it. Hope it goes away soon, without too much trouble!
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I am prone to cysts myself. I think I got my first one on my face when I was a couple years younger than you (grade 11). I had a giant purple lump on my face for pictures that year . My doctor wouldn't remove it because he said that it would leave a scar, so it's still on my face, but has gone down and changed back in colour, so you can't even see it (but you sure can feel it).
Cysts, in my expience, do hurt (and sometimes itch) when they first come up, but will stop after a week or two. If it really bothers you though, it's behind your ear and no one would notice a little scar. I'd have it removed, but then I also wear glasses and that would really hurt!
Hope it feels better soon
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