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Just moved, cat using the rug as a litter box

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My wife and I just moved into a townhouse out in the burbs 2-1/2 weeks ago. Our 2.5 year old indoor cat, Charlie, worked his magic in the litter box (after figuring out how to climb stairs) for the first weekend, no problem.

Starting the first Monday we went back to work, he went on a litter box strike, carpet bombing the rug in the den instead. We cleaned up with some overpriced foaming-action rug cleaner. He did it again. And again. And again. And he continued to do it whenever we weren't in there to keep an eye on him. He has had no problem using the litter box when he knows one of us is on guard.

The first week was bad but we started locking him out of the den when we weren't around. That worked last week.

Last week is over.

Today he started a new offensive, dropping a whopping load of meadow muffins on the rug in another room (since he was locked out of his favorite room, naturally).

I've just about had enough.

We had no such problems at our apartment, even when we first brought him home at 8 months. I know the previous owner here had a dog. However, I remember during the inspection seeing a plaque they had hung in his memory that said he'd died four years ago. Is Charlie trying to cover the scent of a dog that's been dead almost twice as long as he's been alive? Is he punishing us for dragging him out to the burbs? (He was a city cat before we moved, albeit still indoors.)

I'm starting to regret getting him now.
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Moving is stressfull on cats. Cats do not like change in general. If charlie likes the den, why not let him be in there? Place a litter box in the den. I am sure he will use it. Also make sure you clean the spots hes used outside his box with an cleaner made for getting rid of petsmells to pet noses. Such as, http://www.petsmart.com/global/produ...=1124854892032
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I would get your cat to the vet quickly. Stress and change of routine causes illness in cats and one of the ways they are good about telling you they don't feel good is by doing exactly what Charlie is doing- missing the litterpan. He could be trying to tell you something, and is hoping you are listening. Also please see this thread here

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