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Our kitten Abby is about 13 - 14 weeks old. She is the most hyper I have ever seen an animal. I attribute this to the fact that she is a kitten. The hyperness isnt the problem...its the biting. She seems to think our hands are play toys. What can we do to break her of this habit??

Any help would be great!!
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Perhaps you're using your hands and fingers as cat toys. Kittens love to chase and bite moving targets.
Best to have only cat toys for her. If she does bite, stop all play and any interaction with her immediately, and firmly say NO. She'll soon get the idea.
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Get her some other interactive toys to play with - those that don't inolved your hands bein inches away from the targeted object. Odds are that she sees your hands as toys. If she goes to do it - give her something else to occupy herself while she forgets your hands.
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Having the same problem with Sophie. The NO and stopping all interaction is doing the trick, though. She has plenty of toys, no need to abuse my hands!
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