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sick kitten

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Hi all. I need some advice. I just got three 7week old kittens from a fellow co-worker. She had told me that one of the kittens was having problems w/ it's bowel movements and that it couldn't get rid of it's diarrehea. They are eating kitten chow that is softened a little by water because they are still so young. They were abandoned by their mother when they were only a couple weeks old and my co-worker took them in. The other two kittens seem to be doing just fine. The one that's not doing so well seems to always have to go to the bathroom and can't always go, and when she does, it's diarrehea. Her belly is really bulged out on the sides. Her anus is puged out a little too, like it's really irritated by always having bowel movements. Does anyone know why this is happening? and how she may get better? Thanks!
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VET VET VET..take her to the VET.. bulged out tummy, and diarrehea are not good signs especially in a kitten so young.
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Get her to the vet, the diarrhea is very dibilitating and some kittens are not strong enough to live through the fluid loss
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This is extremely serious and needs immediate veterinary attention right away. No kitten can take a persistant fluid loss like that. None. Delay means danger for this. The longer you delay, the more irreversible it becomes.
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I don't know if you're going through the night with this before seeing a vet( maybe not too wise a thing to do at this point) but your kitten could become dehydrated in minutes and die shortly afterward. Pinch the scruff of the neck?Does it stay in a fold? Even if it doesn't, give fluids, and get help .
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i'd say go for the vet!
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Get this poor baby to the vet as soon as you can. Keep us posted!
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