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Still Trying To Nurse

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I brought home two twin babies that were only about four weeks old. Well, one of them insists on still nursing (trying to!) off of my males (poor Murphy!) Cash is probably around twelve to fourteen weeks now...any suggestions...Murphy's sick of it and he keeps trying to get away from him, but Cash is relentless!

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Okay, well...

At that age there really isn't anything you could do that I know of, they are going on instinct. I'm thinkning though that someone else might have a little more insight on this though.

I have to ask..

How did you end up bringing home kittens so very young, at 4 weeks, they still have alot of hurdles to climb. So (and I'm pretty sure you would do this anyway, but I would be remiss not to say it), if ANYTHING start to look or seem unusual with them in any way.. get them to a vet. With little ones like that, they can turn in a heartbeat.

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haha! Ken they're about fourteen weeks now! haha! You misunderstood my post...probably my fault for the miscommunication...oh, trust me, I was very nervous...they were abandoned, but then again, I brought one home one time at about 5 days old! Oh, I was up all nite and day for a week...I was so scared I was going to lose him...never did

Anyway, he's about fourteen weeks now and as I type this, he's trying to nurse on poor Murphy! This pic will show you! hahaha!

Cash is three times that size now!!

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There really isnt a whole lot you can do. Murphy when he is fed up enough, will tell the kitten to go take a hike. Probably the reason at 14 weeks the baby still needs to nurse, is being weined from mom too early. The kitten still feels a little nervous about life and needs the comfort. If You are worried about Murphy, you can try putting something bitter on there, of course then Murphy may get some
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Cat.....gotta tell you that pic is one great one. The look on poor Murphy's face! Little Cash is soooo cute! kitty smunches to him!
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Yeah, you're right, he's not as freindly or loving as Cary ...I really try to give him lots of attention and smooch all over him...he's finally purring for me! The only one he'd purr for was Murphy! hahaha! So, I guess I shouldn't worry...

Murph's definitely showing signs...like the ol' foot in the face trick when Cash comes near him...hahaha! But, he still lets him do it for about a minute and then runs away from him...I hope Cash doesn't feel abandoned by this. I'll just continue to give him extra TLC...

Thanks alot Sandie! Deb..haha! That's my favorite pic of the Murphster! haha!

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These guys were about 4 months old in this picture. The middle one, Big, who is now a 20 pound bruiser, was already about 8 pounds in this picture, and already old enough and big enough to have been neutered. Peaches, the mom, only weighed 9 pounds at the time. Plus she had been spayed at about 6 weeks postpartum and was long dried up!

Today the "kittens" are two and a half years old, and I still catch Cookie trying to nuzzle Peaches's tummy!

Actually, Peaches never did kick them away, they just eventually stopped doing it.

Years ago, I adopted a new kitten, Toot, and my old guy, Zebo was not too thrilled. He was especially not too keen on Toot trying to nurse on his fat old belly!

What was even funnier, though, was one day Toot was sitting on the table, purring more loudly than I had ever heard, and he was kneading his paws. He was acting just like he did when he was headed for Zebo's belly, but Zebo was not in the room. I followed his gaze to see what had him so enrapt and realized he was eyeing my shirtless son's um, er, CHEST!
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HAHAHAHA!!! I did see your website and how sweet Peaches is to her babies!!! I couldn't believe it when I saw that! hahaha! I'm glad you posted this pic for all to see...it's really cute!

My next door neighbor had a kitty named Zebo (pronounced Zeebo) I don't know if it's the same way you pronounced your Zebo's name.

I really enjoyed that story of Toot! What did your son do! hahahaha!(love that name too!!!) Poor guy!

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Wow, that's amazing that there is another Zebo! Yes, that's the way I pronounced it, too. My Zebes went to the bridge about six years ago, and I still miss that old guy.

Alan was only about five years old at the time Toot wanted to nurse on him, so he really didn't understand. I tried to explain it to him, but I guess five year old boys don't know from mammaries!
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Cooie - great stories - I want to see your web site - link me??????
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Sure! Catarina saw it when I introduced myself in my first post. It's http://wesees.tripod.com/. There's also a picture of Zebo and some of my son in my webshots album at http://community.webshots.com/user/furrylove.
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Thanks Cooie - that was a good diversion this morning. Nice family
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