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Fatpie April 1990-August 22 2005

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I was going to write up a small paragraph about her but thought I would just list off the things I will miss about her. Then you can all see what kind of friend she was.

I will miss:

Greeting me at the car EVERYDAY when I arrived home from work. (Do they all do that?)

When she went out for the night and I had to get up for work, her sitting patiently at the patio door at 4 AM.

Her absolute patience with me.

No matter what kind of water bowl I bought her she could NOT refrain from stopping about 8 inches from it and HAD to drag it to her the rest of the way with her paw. Spilling half of it in the process.

The ambitious trot when I shook her treat bag after I got home from work. Oh she loved those!

Fat Pie could never do the usual Meow, she squeaked from when she was a kitten till she passed away yesterday.

Going about my regular duties at home and checking up on her where her favorite spot was to nap. On my duffle bag that I use for camping in the spare bedroom. She would climb on it and turn completely upside down with all 4 paws sticking straight up.

Her complete fascination with the toilet. As soon as she was big enough and could look over and into the bowl she was hooked. No drinking but her reflection in the water and she would splash the water something fierce. It was a common rule here to keep the lid CLOSED but, she always went into the bathroom and looked to see if the lid was open and it being closed she would shake her head. I think that’s the sure sign a cat does get mad.

There are about 50 other things but I don’t want to go on and on.

On this last weekend here, she was feeling very, very poor and decided she wanted to lay on the bathroom floor downstairs ( a new unused washroom) most of the weekend and I already had a bad feeling her time was coming and I decided to lift up the lid on our brand new toilet and damned if she didn’t have a blast about every 4 hours she would get up and stare into the water at herself and splash like crazy at her reflection , to the point where she was getting water all over the walls. I could tell, even the way she was feeling she loved it.

You know I have read about The Bridge and the factual side of me says" Well I dont know." But how could a pet capable of giving affection and showing love in such great ways not have a soul ? I hope she is splashing her heart out and happy right now.

To a Great Companion for 15 years, Rest in Peace Fat Pie, because I love ya and thanks for CHOOSING ME! I really miss you !!!
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R.I.P. sweet Fat Pie. You were deeply loved.
What a beautiful tribute little darling.
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What a lovely tribute to a beautiful kitty. The love you have for Fat Pie is so clear in your post, and I know without a doubt that she is looking down at you from the Bridge (in between splashing ) with love in her heart for you. I am deeply sorry for your loss.

Rest in Peace sweet Fat Pie. There are many tears for you tonight...
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So well said by everyone... What a loving tribute to your baby. It's so cruel that they have such a short time with us . Cherish your memories as I know you will.
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Condolences on the loss of your gorgeous, loyal, loving girl! Was she a Maine CoonX?
you did a great job of letting us know so much about your wonderful girl! Now she is over RB, where the toilet lids are always up, or do you think it's the sparkling brooks that she really prefers? I firmly believe in RB. In fact, my best horse Tinker & my best dog Tasha were together for years; Tinker died in 2002, and in 2003, it was time to let Tasha have release from the cancer that wouldn't go away; Tasha, a very large Husky/Ger.Shep mix, fought leaving - till I told her, "Go get Tinker"; at that very instant her ears pricked up & *poof* she was gone.....Rest in Peace, Sainted Friends... Hugs, Susan
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My sincere condolences on the loss of your beloved Fat Pie. She was truly a beautiful girl! RIP will be dearly missed.
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Oh my goodness!, and what a gorgeous girl Fat Pie was, and still is And she sounds like she was a truly loving friend to you

She's chasing after those butterflies over the bridge right now like you've never seen her chase them before, and splashing away quite happily to her hearts content until she meets you again
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What a Beautiful baby! That was a touching tribute to your girl. I am very sorry for your loss. RIP Fatpie
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Fat Pie was such a beautiful girl.

You wrote such a lovely tribute to her. I'm so sorry for your loss.
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I'm so sorry for your loss. Your beautiful tribute to Fat Pie reflects your love for her and special relationship you shared. May this beautiful girl rest in peace.
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Hi everyone .

Just wanted to say thank you for all your kind words , she was a great companion. Monday when it happened it was devastating , it really was aweful , yesterday all day I was about as sad as can be . Today when I went to work a weird thing happened, I started thinking about how funny she was and how she made my day when I got home by the little things she did . I couldnt dare think of those things the last couple days , cause honestly I just got to choked up. Actualy had a smile on my face today thinking of all that. We had a farm for about 10 years and everyday when I got home she had a spot at the end of our gravel driveway and she would crouch on all fours and wait for me to toss pebbles down the driveway at her so she could catch them . It was funny as ever. I guess you had to be there

As for the future , this was a one cat household , she was the boss for 15 years and I dont know if I could even think about adopting another cat . That may change as I feel better , I dont know . FP was my first cat and I dont even know how I would react to something with different character. Have to see I guess. To soon to think about that anyways . Just glad I feel a little better thinking about all the fun her and I had .

I'll stick around this forum because all of you are so great and would love to help out any way I can . I have certainly had the experience with a sugar cat .

Thanks All !


Oh , to catsknowme , I always thought she was just a tabby . She was rescued my myself right after birth , it was a bad scene . I really think FP thought I was her Mom
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I'm so sorry for your loss, Fat Pie was a beautiful girl. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. Keep thinking about all the good times, you will see her again!
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as everyone as already said - what a beautiful tribute to your gorgeous girl.

yes the grieving process is hard, but over time it does get a little easier and we are able to remember the wonderful times we had with them. This is the way they should be remembered

there is no rush to bring another kitty into your life - I truely believe that FP will guide another kitty into your life if there is a need - either for you, or for the kitty. FP will be watching over you forever now, loving you and treasuring you for all the love you gave her during her life.

RIP FB - you will be greatly missed and forever loved
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I am so sorry for loss of your sweet Fat Pie. I can tell you from experience that while all cats are loveable, and work their way into our hearts, some are so incredibly special. I'm glad you had such a close, special relationship with Fat Pie! (Where on earth did you get that adorable name?!?)

Don't worry about getting another cat. One will come along soon, and adopt you. No one will ever replace Fat Pie, but you will someday enjoy the love of another very different kitty.

Condolences on your loss. I'm glad you found us here at TCS!
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I'm so sorry you lost Fat Pie She was a beautiful cat and obviously had a kind, gentle soul. I'm so glad you had 15 incredible years together. You were both truely blessed. ((hugs)) to you.
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Well when she was younger she always got to lick the desert dish . And her favorite was any kind of pie and well she got a little chunky until we put an end to that .

I really learned that its SO IMPORTANT to watch your kitty's weight , cats are prone to becoming diabetic if your not careful about that , especialy when they get older and lazier

About 5 years ago she started enjoying her water WAY to much and that , I learned is a good sign that something wasnt right. But we did our ritual , 2 times a day since then , 1.5 units in the morning before breakfast and another before dinner. After a while she didnt even care when I had to stick the old needle in . It just meant FOOD TIME to her.


Originally Posted by Beckiboo
(Where on earth did you get that adorable name?!?)
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