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OHNO - My Frogs

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Some of you know the obssession I have with frogs and I own 2 brown tree frogs. I have had one for almost 10 years and the other for about 4.

I just adore them, I pretty much just adore anything to do with frogs. It can be quite a bad obssession though I tell you

anyway, the tank is in our kitchen near the window. Unfortunatly it is Cedar's TV. I have tried and tried to get him to stay away from it, but he just does not listen. These little creatures are just too tempting for him. We rarely see Tipsy near them and in fact I cant remember the last time I did.

Anyway this morning I woke up to Tipsy's head in the tank scratching around... if anything is going to bring on labour - this is it!!! I started screaming and screaming and shouting so loud - I could hardly breath. I was shaking and could hear the frogs screaming - ohmygoodness it was awful... I am crying just thinking about it.
Chris came running and went straight to the tank, said he could only find one and that he WAS moving. I frantically started looking around the floor for the other one to find it only a metre from my feet. I do not want to know how he got from the tank to the floor 6 metres away. I am lucky I didnt stand on him.

Put him back in the tank, their tank has been destroyed and will have to stay that way for a while since I know how scared they will be.

As for my cats - gosh everyone knows how much I love them, but no breakfast for them today and oh they know how much trouble they are in.

I cant stop crying - I almost let them be killed Only time will tell if they are going to be okay - oh please please be okay
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OH NO Dan! I know how important your little froggy guys are to you Tell Tipsy his aunty isn't very happy with him (but that I still love him) and to leave them ALONE!

Sending lots of love sweetie!!!
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Bad Tipsy!!! No treats for you!

{{{Vibes}}} for the frogs, Danielle, and more for you! Breathe deeply and relax.
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Oh no, Dan! Lots of vibes to your froggy babies. I'll keep my fingers crossed that they'll be ok. **hugs**

As for you Tipsy... You stay away from meowmy's frogs. And you too Cedar!
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Oh no! Tsk Tsk, bad kitty! No frogs!

I hope that the froggies are okay and that you've had a chance to calm down as well. Hugs!!
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whew! i am so glad the frogs are okay!!! Is there no top to the container? How'd the kitties get in it?
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I'm sorry

Bad kitties today!
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Are they in an aquarium? They have screen tops with clips that hold the screen onto the tank. This would be ideal for your frogs. A cat is only doing what comes natural to it. try not to be too upset.
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Oh Dan - I hope your froggies will be OK!

Naughty Cedar! I know they look yummy, but you have to leave Mommy's frogs alone!
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Very very bad kitty!!, I hope your froggies will be ok
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Bad kitty! Poor little frogs. They must have been terrified. ((Sending good vibes))

I remember my cat Buddy (short for Buswieser lol) got into my pet rats tank and tried to have lunch.. He was in *very* [size=6]BIG trouble!
If you have an aquaruim tank, maybe try to get one of those snap on lids?
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Cats aren't bad. They are only doing what comes naturally to them. You have got to find a way so they can not access the frogs, because if they can, not giving them breakfast, etc, is not going to accomplish a thing-they will try to get those frogs the moment you are not looking.
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Opps! That could have been nasty... Have you checked that both frogs are okay and havn't been scratched or anything? They have really delicate skin. Also, maybe you should get a lid of that tank...

I am a fellow frog lover too! I used to keep yellow bellied frogs, which I had for 5 years, when I was living at home. My dream is to own a tree frog but with Guin it's too much of a risk. Ever since I was about 3 I have had this mad facination by all frogs! Even the common ones in my parents pond. Whenever I go to visit I try and fish out as many frogs as I can to hold! Oh and, I have 3 little plastic frogs right here under my PC screen!
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thankyou everyone for your wonderful replies. As far as I know both frogs are doing okay thankfully - they are hiding of course, but they seem fine and I have looked them over the best I can without freaking them out anymore. I can start to relax a little bit now.

of course my tank has a lid on it, there is no way they would survive or even stay in the tank if it didnt have a lid. I dont know how they got the lid off, but they/ or one of them did. The frogs will be moved into a different room where the cats cant get to them until I can work out a different solution.

I understand of course that the boys were doing what only comes naturally to them, so please do not assume that I do not. I look after all my pets, whether furry or not to the best of my ability. Having a frog last for 10 years should show this.

Not having breakfast - yup I think it worked well to be honest. Its 8 hours later and they have just come inside from spending the day outside (also something that is natural to our cats), and they still know that they were naughty, regardless of whether it is a natural reaction or not.

Gilly - yes I want green tree frogs too. Its also my dream, and one day it will become reality. Its just very expensive to first set up and secondly purchase the frogs - but one day! And yes I have lots of frog things around the house - it is kinda ridculous how much I have - so glad Chris loves me

maybe we will just have to compare our frogs when our dream comes true huh?
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Oh No, Danielle! I just saw this!

Naughty Tipsy and Cedar, leave Meowmy's froggies alone! *tut tut*

I hope they're okay once they get over the shock!

Sending lots of love your way!
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What a scare, Dan!I'm so thankful your little froggies are ok!
Tipsy, no more playing with the frogs, young man!
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Oooops! you naughty things. No treats for you today!

That lid wouldn't have been easy either i bet!
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Danielle, I'm glad your froggies are okay!
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i bet you that chedar had been spying on you how to open the tank and last night he finally got it somehow..
last week i opened the fish tank to feed my fishies and first thing teufel did was stick his head in, he obviously didnt realise that the fishies live in water because he couldnt stop sneezing after that! he has also tried to open it with his nails, jump on top of the tank, (thank god the lid isnt broken yet)

I hope your froggies are okay though
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Glad things are getting back to normal
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Oh no! Bad Tipsy! Dan, I'm glad to hear they are okay.

Good idea to put them in another room away from reach. Either that or get a lid with a lock!! Hey, that's an idea!! My older kitties use to do this to my fishtank. I actually had to tape a screen lid on it!

Good luck and let us know how it goes!!

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How scary....sometimes our kitties are just a little too curious aren't they. Glad to hear your froggies are okay, and that they can't be bothered by your fur kids!
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Originally Posted by sofiecusion
How scary....sometimes our kitties are just a little too curious aren't they. Glad to hear your froggies are okay, and that they can't be bothered by your fur kids!
Cats are so-called "natural born killers". They aren't just curious. They hunt. Especially these cats, that are being allowed outside. I am sure if they see a frog outside, they will hunt it and most likely kill it. So, is it any surprise they are going after the frogs at home?
They are probably confused as to why they can't hunt the ones at home when they are hunting similar ones outside.
Even my cats, who are persians, and whose ancestors didn't hunt for I don't know how many years, will try and hunt my birds if they get a chance.
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Too bad we are on different continents as I always have trees frogs stuck somewhere on my house. They was one last week that had really cool camoflauge (sorry spelling) that tried to blend in with the siding of the house. They are noisy creatures though-are yours???
Bad kitties!!
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Oh Dan - that must have been such a shock - baaaddd Tipsy . I'm so glad they are all alright, if a bit shaken.

Tippy did the same think with daughter's mouse once - even though the lid was held on with all sorts of contraptions.

Tree frogs are so lovely - daughter has always been into frogs. There is a lovely one on an advert on TV here at the moment. He has the most gorgeous little feet.
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I just saw this!! What a horrible scare!! I'm so glad that they're OK, if a bit shaken up. I can completely empathize with you...it's really amazing what kitties can do when they put their mind to it.

We used to have a cockatiel. (He was my sister's but after she developed an allergy we took him in). I KNEW the cats were all after him and had him hanging where I was certain he was safely out of reach. One day I was getting ready for work and heard loud birdy screeching from the other room. I ran out there and found Tailer ON his cage with his greedy kitty jaws just inches away from the bird. I about had a heart attack! I still have no idea how he got there.
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I've got two geckos (a leopard and a patternless leopard) and my cats dont try to get them. Though they will watch them with dialated pupils when I have them out of their tank (for feeding and stuff) They dont try to jump onto things to get to the tank though....

I once had a snake that was very strong and could push the lid off of the tank... so we ended up putting a five lb rock on top of the tank and that stopped her from escaping. Try putting a big rock on the top of the screen so your cats cant move the lid But yes, one of the lock down ones works better than ones that just sit on top of the tank. Petsmart should sell them and I dont think they would be too much... but I have never bought a top from petsmart so I dont know
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Oh Danielle.......I´m sorry about this...
any new of "kermit the Frog"?.... is ok?...
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Just now seeing this thread! Oh crud Dan! I can only imagine how your heart must have jumped into your throat when you saw that sight!

How are the froggies right now?
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I like Cassie's idea of a big rock on top of the lid! Maybe the kits were trying to scare you into labor, so they can meet the new baby?

We used to have a cat and mice, when I was a kid. Sometimes the cat would sit on top of the screen lid, with her claws into the screen, and try to jump up and pull off the lid. If the cat wasn't on top of the cage, often the mousie was inside, claws in the screen, trying to bounce the lid off the aquarium!

I was babysitting kids with a cat and a hampster, and the cat somehow got the hampster. Luckily, his cheeks were stuffed full, so the only injury was a puncture wound through one cheek, which he fully recovered from! But it was a scare!

Hope your frogs are recovering.
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