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I am never letting steve borrow the camera again! Ares was just hugging Gwen like she was his little stuffed animal...perfect picture...and hes got the camera!
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Darn it!!
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I know..makes ya wanna cry lol
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I used to always miss those moments and so I bought a couple of disposable cameras...I always keep one at home and one in the car.
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but i am digi addicted lol
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That's why both my cheap-digital camera AND my boyfriends really nice $$$ digital camera sit on *MY* desk.
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lol they are usually both on my desk..but..he wanted to take it to work today so i let him. never again i say never again!
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That's why I love my new cameraphone!!
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:P i need one of those lol
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lol Yeah, my new camera phone came in handy yesterday - Billy and Chay were cuddling and looking so cute, and my camera was nowhere to be seen! But I managed to grab my phone and get a fairly decent shot. w00t fo camera phones! You should definately invest in one.
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oh yes! Camera phones are definitely a must for getting pictures of a cat....

Elliot always does the cutest things ever! He has the cutest little looks he gives me with his ears back and stuff... but as soon as I get out the camera he goes into what I call "pose mode" where he sits nice and looks at me neutrally, and doesnt really let me get his real personality!

Now if only I could get my mom to let me play with her new cellphone that has a camera on it so I could get some cute shots!!
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I always seem to end up missing the cute Guin pics because the camera is not to hand
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