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my poor kitty

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Hi there, I am new in here, and would very much appreciate some feedback or advice on this. We have 2 cats, 1 male diabetic on insulin, and 1 female with thyroid problems. My ? concerns the thyroid patient. She, Tanya is probable 12 now, and has had surgery twice to remove 2 growths in her neck/throat. We have her on a thyroid medicine twice daily, and she seems to be doing pretty well. Yesterday, while petting and talking to her, i found a new growth in the same area, and it is quite large. My question to all cat lovers, We do not want o put her thru surgery again, since it is recurring every year or so, but plan to keep her on the medicine since she is still eating regular. Outside of a return trip to vet, would anyone share their thoughts with me on how they would handle situation... Thank you so much!!!!!!!Auntiekaren
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I have never had to make this decision myself. The people I know who have made the decision to stop the surgeries and let their cat live the rest of it's life in peace. They did not say goodbye until her quality of life was compromised.
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all the options carefully. No one can really tell you what you do, as we are not in your life. We can't see the cat, and judge for ourselves how the cat is reacting. I always just ask the animal. I look into the eyes, I talk to them and I just discuss the options. I know they do not understand what I am saying, but they understand how they feel. Plus, in vocalizing the options, it helps me to choose the right path. When the eyes loose their luster, that is when the animal is so stressed that adding stress factor upon stress factor is unwarranted. When the light fades, that is when to say goodbye.
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:flash:I have to agree with Sandie. Sometimes it is so hard to let go. You would never want your baby to be miserable. If the quality of life is going to be poor and if she is unable to enjoy the things she once did, than it is time to say goodbye As hard and devastating as it can be, it is no time to be selfish. Kitty has to come number one. I am however, very happy to hear that she is eating well. Everyone has to make the decision that works well with their family. I wish you all the luck with Tanya. Please keep up posted.
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I have to concurr. Delilah, my beloved 16 yr old siamese developed diabetes and couldn't even stand anymore and was to the point where she would urinate on herself. She had a very long and happy life, hbut when the time came the choices were for her to live in pain or for us to face the inevitable, we decided (tearfully) that her time had come. The vet allowed us to say goodbye and we balled like babies. She was purring in my arms which made it that much more difficult. But, Delilah was telling us it was time for her to cross the rainbow bridge as well. We just sensed it. I suppose, by sharing this story, I am saying that you have to ask yourself is she living in pain or has that shine gone from her eyes? If not, then perhaps she has a little time left, so enjoy her company and love her as you have. And when her health finally declines and she is reaching a suffering point, then she will tell you it's (sadly) time. >^..^< MEOWMAN LOVES CAT PURRS!
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AuntieKaren, I am going to say a prayer for you and your cat, and I hope you let us know what ever you decide.I have never went through anything like that yet, so I don't have much advice to offer, but I think the advice you have been given is really good. I am really glad you have joined the forums here, I hope everything goes okay. My thoughts are with you.

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