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male/female differences

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I've heard, from people I know mostly, that male cats make much better companions when one is seeking an attached, affectionate lap cat.

I've heard that females are tweaky and much more independant, which is all well and good, but not if one is seeking a cuddly lap kitty.

Now, from personaly experience, the females I've had even in childhood *were* tweaky and fiercely independent, and the males have been cuddle-bugs, but I'm not sure this isn't just individual personality.

I'd love to hear all of your opinions on this subject, whether it's a wives-tale or if there's some truth to it.
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I think it depends on the purrsonality of the individual. My kitty is a girl and she is very sweet and loveable.
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I think those are generalizations and stereotypes. Every cat is an individual and is different.
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Originally Posted by coaster
I think those are generalizations and stereotypes. Every cat is an individual and is different.

6 cats here, 3 of each.
One completely aloof male, one independant male that often needs lovins, one independant male that infrequently needs lovins.
One super lovely cuddle slut female, one super lovey purrs if you even look like you'll pet her female, and one female kitten who's shaping up to be a cuddler.
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I am not too sure about the stereo-type: I have had 1 male kitten very cuddly and a love and lap kitten, 1 male 4 year old kitty very cuddly and a love and lap cat, 1 female kitten sociable on her own terms, and independent, 1 female 3 year old kitty not very social, and very independent. Those are my experiences over the past few years, prior to this I had 1 female cat from when she was 3 months old until she was 15 and she too was social and loveable on her terms, and very independant, but never a lap cat.
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Every kitty is different.
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I have had many little fuzzy faces throughout my life and all have had different personalites. For whatever it is worth, presently, I have 2 girls & 2 boys. My little girls tend to be mushy with my son & husband and my 2 little boys...well...let's just say they are called "little mamma boys"
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1 out of 3 of my females is a cuddle-bug.
All 10 of my males are cuddle-bugs to some degree.

The 2 most snuggly in the entire house are red tabbies.
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In my case it's not true at all.

I wanted a male cat because I thought they would have less of an "attitude" than a female. The adoption agency told me female cats were better. I took one look at Miya and knew she was the one for me.

And then...

Boy, I don't know what I did, but this is probably one of the most dependent cats I have ever seen. She's a year and a half and she acts like a 3 month old kitten. She follows me around everywhere...everywhere. If I am taking a shower, she will stay in the bathroom until I am finished! She will climb into my lap and purr away. If I am using the computer, she'll make herself comfortable and lay her little head on my arm and encircle her paws around my arm and go to sleep (giving me an arm that has fallen asleep).

It really does depend on the cat you have.
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i agree that it depends on the individual, but also agree to the standard. i think that the standard is how their instincts start out, (probably due to girls having to be independant to care for kittens, and boys having to fight for space/females), but that no matter what they start with in the end a lot of it depends on how they were raised and handled.... were the boys of the litter handled more because they were a bit more rambunctious and curious?? were the females let alone and pet only when they came for it or laid down for the same reasons?? it still partially comes down to their personality, as many cats love being cuddled, and many more will love you until you try to pick them up.
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Personally, I've had both and would have both again. Natasha was a little more aloof then the average cat, but also loved to sleep with me, and talk to me and sleep on my lap. Chester purrs a lot more and will outwardly do more loving things, such as lick your face but refuses to sleep on my lap or really in my bed unless forced. I'm hoping he grows into the cuddles a bit more.
I think regardless of the gender of the cat you choose, they are going to vary on the cuddle spectrum. Males TEND to be more towards the cuddle side, and females TEND to be more on the independant side, but that's really a mood point. You should get whatever cat is the one who picks you. Trust me, you'll know it when it happens. Your heart will almost explode with love. When that happens, you will love them to death regardless of how much they follow you around (and sometimes despite the fact that you're tripping over them).
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I agree - all are different. It is by chance I have three girls right now, but int he past I have had more males and many of them have been lapcats. Of my three girls, Dushka is affectionate and a lapcat because she wants to be, Ellie is clingy because she is a little 'special' and Persil is independent.
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Harley is a definate lap cat, he loves to cuddle, even tho he is quite wild at times but his mother was never a lap cat when she was younger (says my BF, the mother was his kitten). All of Harley's sisters are not lap cats either, they are very independant kitties, they really don't like to cuddle much at all.
He is a "mama's boy" and I love it!!
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