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Sleepless nights

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I just moved out of my parent's home and moved into my own apartment. I brought my cat Mikey with me because I just couldn't leave him behind. Everynight while I am trying to sleep he wanders around the apt. crying/meowing really loudly all night long. As a result I can't get any sleep. When Mikey and I lived at home he slept with me all night so I don't know what his problem is. I need to find a way to keep him quiet so I can get some sleep . Help me please!
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I would think he is feeling lost and bewildered by his new surroundings - even though you are with him he can't understand why his whole world has changed. Give him a little time and he will adjust. In hte meantime does he have any of his old toys/basket/anything that he can relate to?
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Are there other cats at your parents' house? He could be missing them. Maybe a nice treat of canned food before bed? And, beleive it or not, just explaining things to him will help. They understand far more than they get credit for. Sit down with him in your lap, and talk to him.

Can you get him a pet? Like another cat?

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