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bloody show

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anyone know how long after a cats 'bloody show' she gives birth??
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If by "bloody show" you mean that bit of pinkish-colored fluid that discharges, then it should be any time now. If you are seeing a yellow-ish green bubble, that is the amniotic sac and it means that a kitten is presenting. If your girl is straining in a consistant, rhythmic way, then kittens should begin presenting within a short time.

Hope this helps,

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this morning i saw some bloody discharge, and tonight i'm seeing some mucus. maybe i'm too anxious and need to be patient
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She is very, very close I would say. Have you a nest all set up for her and is she comfortable with it?
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we have a box made up for her, she's been alternating from laying in it to laying in the bathtub (probably for the privacy from our younger cats, we keep the curtian closed)... i'm sure she'll have them in one place or the other. i adopted her a few days ago from a woman who could no longer care for her, so i guess i'm a bit over anxious :-D
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I am also anticipating a litter, so I know well the anxiety. I have scheduled no work for the next 10 days and everyone who knows me knows I won't leave the house for more than an hour at most at a time. Just remember to breathe, read up on all the stickies at the top of this Forum's index listing and if you have questions, don't hesitate to ask.
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hehe yeah, i start work in the morning and am waiting (not anticipatingly) to get a call from my fiancee at lunch telling me kittens are coming out. she seems to enjoy my company (and the treats that come from my hand) so maybe since she's in a new home and he hasn't spent much time with her yet she'll try to put it off like the cats i had growing up did. who knows. good luck with your babies and i'll keep posted about mine
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