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Flea control

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I have an indoor cat and within the last 4 months we have been taking regular walks outside (Bella lovesher leash, when I take it out she lays down so I can put her harness on). I live in California so the weather stays fairly warm all year around. Anyhow, Spring is coming and I am not sure how I should protect Bella from Fleas. I have read some, on the different Flea Control Products: Advantage, Frontline, and Program but I am not sure what product is best. I would appreciate any feedback from your experiences.
Also what times of the year should I apply the product; spring, summer,etc...
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We use Frontline. It goes on the back of the head/neck once a month and you get it from you vet.

Also, feed a good diet and use a flea comb to double check. It's not foolproof!
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I Love Advantage, only because it works really really quick should you ever need it to, but, we use revolution because of all the other things it works on too. I'm really going to have to defer the rest of that statement to Sandie, who can tell you all the great things it does....


Oh Sandie....

Well.... she's probably cleaning something, but I'm sure she'll be here later on...

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We had to use Frontline cause Advantage couldn't be used on the kitten, he was really young. Just chance.
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Overall, I am very impressed with the Advantage for the fleas. I have used all the products out there and it seems to work the best and fastest for fleas.
As my husband said, we do use revolution, for one because I can get it at work. It also does ticks, ear mites, heartworm and roundworms. This would be a product I would recomend for anyone with outdoor cats. This way they are protected from everything they will encounter.
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