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Vibes for Mik

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Hi everyone. Both of my boys are going in first thing tomorrow morning for annual routine shots and check-ups at the vet's.

However, Mik will be staying for the day (possibly overnight) as he is having his teeth cleaned and will need to go under a general anaesthetic for the procedure. He's getting up there in age, and this is his first time.

Would you kindly send some quick recovery vibes for Mik? We would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
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}}}good vibes{{{ coming your way!! hope everything goes well!!
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Aw...prayers for Mik.
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Vibes coming Miks way!
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Good vibes for you and Mik!!{{{{ }}}}
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Sending good vibes to Mik.....
everithing is going to be alright Jenn! ...
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You got it Jenn! Vibes coming in that direction!
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Thanks to each of you for your positive vibes. I'm sure Mik will have a speedy recovery. I must admit, I'm a bit nervous as he has never been in overnight since he was neutered as a kitten.
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Awwww, poor Mik. I'm sure he'll be just fine Jenn Vibes for Mik!
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Jenn sending lots of vibes! Baker also had his teeth cleaned and had to stay overnight but it is nowhere as bad as you think it will be. I was a nervous wreck and when he came home he looked at me like I was crazy Mik will do wonderful
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Sending tons of good vibes and come home soon thoughts!!
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Vibes for sweet Mik's teeth cleaning.
Dexter & Sadie came home late the same day, maybe Mik can too.
Let us know how both kitties do at their appointments tomorrow.
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As someone who has a cat that is forced to stay overnight for more than a few days you definitely have Mik in my thoughts and prayers. I hope his teeth cleaning procedure goes very smoothly and that he's back home playing very soon.
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Thank you everyone. I do hope everything will go well. Although Lex seems oblivious, Mik knows something is up because I've cut off all food and water sources and trimmed their claws tonight (I only do it about once a month), plus the cat carrier has been out for a few days, though he was rolling around it with a catnip bag earlier (it's quite a large carrier). At any rate, I'm nervous and will be sure to post how everything goes throughout the day tomorrow.
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Jenn- good luck to both Lex and Mik! Sending vibes that Mik's anesthesia goes well and I cannot wait to see pictures of his pretty new smile! {{{{{}}}}}
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Jenn, Mik will be fine he'll be hunted down to do toothpaste ads when he gets back!
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[[[[[[ sending good vibes Mik's way ]]]]]]
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Lots of good vibes for you and Mike!
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Lots of {{{vibes}}} coming your way for you and Mik, I'm sure he'll be fine

When he gets home he'll have a lovely shiney smile (or whatever the equivalent is for cats!)
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Thanks again everyone! Well, Lex's checkup went well. He's in great physical condition and is 7.2 pounds, which is a good size for a small male of the breed. When we got home he was very loving, and has been by my side all day.

We are just awaiting a call from the vet to let us know when I can pick up Mik (his physical also went well - he's a bit chunky at 10.6 pounds but he does have a larger bone structure than Lex), and I'm hoping he'll be coming home today.
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That is wonderful news abouts Lex's check up.
Now...we will wait for you update about Mik.
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Well, Mik is home and pretty groggy still so he's cooped up in my bedroom (their safety zone) and will stay there for the remainder of the evening. The vet said it was less work than she anticipated, which is good to hear. But he is NOT happy with me. I've never heard him growl at me -- today was a first.

Thanks again for all your vibes. At least I've got Mik safe and sound at home. I just hope he will forgive and forget soon enough. I think your vibes really worked because a bunch of stray kittens took a liking to me and the vet thought I'd make a good mommy to another 3 cats!

If anyone in Toronto needs a good vet, mine is fantastic.
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So glad to hear they're doing well Jenn! You'll have happy healthy babies to help celebrate tomorrow

Isn't it funny how they get so resentful? "YOU did this to me!!! " I'm sure they're loving you by this morning though.
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I'm so happy Mik is home safe and sound! How's the little guy doing this morning?
Sorry he growled at you That always feels like a punch in the gut when one of your babies growls at you, doesn't it? Hopefully all will be forgiven today.
How do his teeth look now?
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Thanks Jess and Amy.

Mik is doing much better today. He's still a bit wobbly on his feet and a bit sedated, and I don't believe he's eaten yet, but I'm sure his little mouth must still be sore.

Lex is still making strange with him and kind of slinks around him to get around, because Mik was at the vet all day yesterday, and Lex is likely getting a lot of different smells from him.

I haven't checked out his teeth yet, but I'm sure they look great. My vet is awesome and they did a great job. Now I have to worry about the bill -- though I won't have to deal with that until I get my VISA statement next month.
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