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poorly sophie

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Subject: Very poorly cat


My cat, Sophie, is 11. We don’t think that is so old as we have had one live until 21 in seemingly good health. But poor Sophie is really poorly. If she was a human I’d say she’s got Real Flu.


(I have personified and anthropomorphised a lot here, but I think it helps describe what’s going on)

·\tShe has difficulty walking, especially when she first gets up. She seems to perk up a bit during the day, but tires quickly. I think her pain is mostly n her pelvis or that cross where the tail joins the pelvis.
·\tShe doesn’t seem to want to be petted. You know when your hair hurts when you have real flu? It looks like that. Having said that, when she was having a bad night 2 days ago and she settled on my bed she cuddled her back against me.
·\tShe wants to be outside even when it’s a bit drizzly. Its like when the outside air helps a headache.
·\tShe is normally very talkative, but apart from the occasional purr she hasn’t made much noise at all
·\tShe hasn’t been eating. She seems interested in food – I think her appetite is there, but after she sniffs at her plate she gets up and goes. I’ve tempted her with tiny morsels of her favourite special treats: a little scrape of vegemite, about a teaspoon of tuna, a teaspoon of natural yoghurt. She does have about 6 or 7 complete food cat biscuits about 2 or 3 times a day too. She nibbles at grass – more for the action that actually ingesting as I’d say she’s so empty it would have nothing to wrap around.
·\tShe’s dreadfully skinny – I can feel every bump in her spine. Even her head feels bony.
·\tShe’s swallowing or making a strange smacking of the lips thing every now and then.
·\tShe did drink LOADS of water this morning though, about 5 visits to her water bowl.
·\tshe just isn’t herself

She DOESN’T have diarrhoea, nor any trouble peeing, nor does she have any ticks or injuries. Her teeth seem normal as far as I can see.

I would take her to the vet but we live in rural France and the car trip would cause her so much distress, and the vets here are prone to being very rough and injecting or forcing pills at the drop of a hat. I just have very little faith in them. I think they are more used to hunting dogs and cows!

I have had cats all my life and I believe they do get ‘colds’ and things, but Sophie has always bounced back after a day or 2 sleeping. This has been near a week and I’m worried, even though she does seem to be improving. Her eyes are brighter and she’smore interested in what’s going on around her.

Is there anything else I could try, dietary wise? I know her treat foods aren’t great for her to be surviving on. I support alternative medicines, so if anyone can suggest anything like that I’d be open to it.

Any help would be appreciated. Sophie is very well loved.
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Take her to the Vet ASAP!!!
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Oh, oh OH if I honestly thought it would help her I would drive all night to get her to one. Incidentally the nearest vet three hours away - but it's not me I'm concerned about. Last time I took her she went completely bonkers and did herself some injuries trying to get out of her carrier. She also vomited all over the place and crapped left right and centre. She does it every time in the car. She's feeling sick, and I truly believe putting her in the car would probably kill her.

This is a dilemma for me, obviously. I don't want to neglect her. And she IS improving. I adore my cats and would die for them. I learnt how to give her shots and have taken courses to learn animal care just so to save her the real trauma of the car and the vet.

Now she is sleeping peacefully, but I'm not for worry!
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Your cat sounds really ill. If you can't take her to the vet because it will stress her, have the vet come to your home.
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Sounds like she may have some of the signs of kidney failure. Please, even though you say the vet is far away, take her to whatever vet is nearest, and soon. She could be in a tremendous amount of pain, and I'm sure you wouldn't want her to suffer.
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Your little sophie will be im my thoughts... I hope she gets better soon!
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Right. That's it. Youre all right, of course. I won't let my fear of hurting her hold her back. I've called the vet's and left a message (its 10pm here) to expect me tomorrow. I'll meditate over Soph tonight for safe travel things and drive her there tomorrow.

Oh I hope I'm doing the right thing....
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Zinnia, whereabouts in France are you? I have dealings with vets in Normandy, including a feline specialist and they have been great. If there is any way I can help?
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Vibes and prayers for a safe trip and a speedy recovery for Sophie!
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Understanding that the trip to the vet is long for both you and your cat, it does sound like your cat is in much distress and needs help quickly. Is this really the closest vet for you?
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Thank you for taking your precious Sophie to the Vet first thing in the morning. It's critically important that she receive medical attention from her Vet.
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Also perhaps this article will help you

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I hope that Sophie doesn't stress too badly during the trip to the vet. Sending you hugs and special thoughts!
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I will say prayers & send vibes for your poor Sophie! Indeed, that is a long car trip. Maybe you could try giving her some catnip in her carrier. There is a product called Feliway in the US, but it sounds like your area wouldn't have it anyway. Sophie and you will be in my thoughts & prayers tomorrow. Don't hesitate to ask in the Cat Lounge for prayers and vibes either - I've seen some great results happen here!!
Hugs, Susan
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I am glad you are going to get her to the vets - at this age, there are a couple of things. I know folks here must think I think everything I hear is a description of Chronic Kidney Failure, but honestly...the what sounds like possible muscle wasting/weakness in the back legs, the lost weight, the lost appetite, the lip smacking - these can go along with the nausea and appetite loss that comes with crf (and they can be treated for...no cure, but much that can be done to return quality of life and give your cat more time with you). It is also not uncommon for a cat this age to have a thyroid problem (and some lucky senior cats can have both early kidney issues as well as a hyperactive thyroid).

If you would like to read more about crf, just in case, here is a superb site, by a european member of a support list I am, it has everything you could want to know about this, treatments (inc. holistic) tests, medications, foods, all related issues and more. click here

Sending a hug to your Sophie girl, I hope you'll update us after her apt?
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it doesnt sound like a flu to me my cat had a flu last year (she terified me)
none of the symtoms sophie has were the symptoms my baby had.
in belgium we had a vet who would come to our house maybe you could call them back and xpain the situation and maybe theil be able to take the time to drive to your house
(unless this reply is to late)
get wel soon vibes coming ur way
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Hi everybody.

Ok, we're back. After I signed off last night I ran over to my delightful neighbour and he took me and Sophie to the vet he uses for his dogs, who opens at 830am. We were there in 15 minutes!\\ Why doesn't this guy advertise!!!!

Anyway, lovely neighbour spoke the french for me (I forget it all when I'm stressed), gave me cuddles when Sophie had blood taken from her (she was avery good girl and laid still after I told her the doctor was helping her). Her big green eyes had me in floods...ah dear...

He gave her a shot and poked her around a bit and has announced a virus unless the tests show otherwise. I've also been in touch with my homoeopath and she has prescribed for nephritis. The medicine won't interfere or be negated by her shot apparently.

Poor Soph is just so pleased to be home again and out of the Car Monster( especially since it hoinks of strange dogs!) She is walking better today and kept me company in the vege patch when I picked peas. Even her appetite is better. She wasnt so thirsty either. But she's still not well.

We're not home n hosed yet!

Thanks so much everyone for your love and well wishes. We are very appreciative.

Love from us both xxx
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Oh thats great to hear! Sending Sophie (((((healthy vibes)))))

When you get her blood results let us know?!
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awwww marvellous news!!!

sending lots of ((((healthy vibes))))) to you from across the ocean
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Sending healing thoughts Sophie's way.
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great news (good to hear she didnt kill herself on the way to the vet )
healing vibes from canada
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No news from Monsieur Vet as yet. She had a really good day yesterday, she ate nearly a whole dinner and followed me around, but I'm wondering if she 'overdid it' as today she's uninterested in everything excpet sleeping in the sun.

She doesnt seem to be in pain now, her third eyelid is normal. But she still feels sick. I really hope this is a virus and not renal failure. Is there anything I can do if it is? ... Gulp...

thanks everybody, all the love vibes are received and thanked xx
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Originally Posted by zinnia
But she still feels sick. I really hope this is a virus and not renal failure. Is there anything I can do if it is? ... Gulp...

thanks everybody, all the love vibes are received and thanked xx
Yes there is a lot you can do if it's renal failure! Please go to the site I gave you a link to - www.felinecrf.org. It discusses the related issues, the treatments and medications, diet changes etc. I can give you the briefest synopsis: diet needs to be lower in phosphorous, and depending on stage, lower in protein (some debate on that versus feeding better quality protein), potassium levels tend to drop so a potassium supplement may be necessary. Phosphorous levels tend to go too high, so a binder (can be bought as a powder to mix in the food) may need to be used. Dehydration is an issue, many (depends on the stage of kidney failure) do sub-q fluids at home daily or every other day or every third - depends on what your vet advises. Nausea due to increased stomach acid is an issue, famotidine (pepcid) is one medication that can be used - so is slippery elm bark powder.
Constipation secondary to the dehyration can be an issue - the site I gave above, truly goes over all of this, including holistic approach treatments, and it's written for europeans (with some sources) as well as us usa folks.

Hopefully it is not kidney failure, but if it is, and it's early, there really is a lot you can do. My patrick has been living with this for over 3 years now (my sweetie boy!).
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Hi everybody

OK, results are in and its tick fever. Gulp. She's had the necessary shots and luckily I had actually been doing all the things I needed to do, so there's a blessing! And bless you all for encouraging me to get over my own fears and get her down the doc's! Now she feels nauseous because of the medicine - poor thing, one thing after another!

But she's eating, she's perkier, a bit p.o'd, but coming back to herself.

Thanks for the link re renal failure. Sorry I missed it earlier due to mere human frailties (STRESS!!!!). ALL the help really was hugely hugely appreciated.
Another success for the Cat Site!

Love and light to all, especially da furries.

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I am glad it's not kidney failure! and that you have an answer and that she's starting to feel better....Yay!
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What a relief! My Persil tested positive for erlichiosis caused by ticks, and I am especially vigilant now with the Frontline, which kills the ticks before they can cause damage. It is very nasty as it can cause bone marrow damage if not discovered. I got a huge sheep tick off Dushka a few weeks ago, but although it was hanging on, it was dead. I do hope you find Sophie is her old self very soon.
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Thanks everybody!

She's feeling much better and can't seem to eat enough now. I'm having to remind her of her waterbowl, but she is drinking too.

Now I just have to get her medicine down her each morning. I used to grind up her pills and mix them with a bit of vegemite (she luuuurves that stuff), but now she's unreliable about when she'll eat I'm having to do it the old-fashioned way ie catching her, put her between my knees on the ground, hold her mouth open, put pill at the back and hold her closed so she swallows. she's a crafty little thing and has been known to store pills in her cheek anbd spit them out later. So I'm super-vigilant! but she gets really hacked off by it - understandably, and knows what I'm planning each morning.


8 days to go!

love and pats to all xxx
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Hi everyone

Just an update. Today was Sophie's last day of medication (we are all releived about that!) and she is soooo much better! she still has wobbly back legs (part of the tick thing) but she is cheeky again and much more herself. She is still a little too obsessed with her dinner, and lunch, and breakfast, and snacks...most unlike her... but I'm just happy she's interested in food again. I've started saying No as she's nearly back to full weight! Hurrah! Thanks and congratulations everyone!

Much love from me and Sophie (and her bro, Syd!) xxxx
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Good to hear!
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What a relief for you. So pleased to know she is almost OK again.
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