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Then and now

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I have seen so many cute "first photos" when it is a cat's birthday, that I thought I wouldstart a thread.

Here is Abby in January in her pic from the shelter:

and here she is today - she has doubled in weight!

Let's see your "then and now" shots!
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....something is wrong Karen..........I just only see a RED x..
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What a change Karen - you could see that she was stressed in the shelter - the same can't be said now . She looks extremely content!
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Originally Posted by CoolCat
....something is wrong Karen..........I just only see a RED x..
I´m soooooooo sorry..... i was with the problem!
I can see the lovely Abby! ......sooooooo precious! ..aaaaaaawwwwwwww
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My Sar-Baby then! (she was sick when we brought her home)

And now!
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Originally Posted by mferr84
My Sar-Baby then! (she was sick when we brought her home)

And now!
How cute is that! She's even in the same position!!!!!
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Awwwww don't they all look so sweet! If only they could stay little a bit longer
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I dont know why i didnt just put them both in the same post.. but here is Chlo-Bo then...

And now!
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I second the wish that they would stay little just a little bit longer!

Here are my furbabies....

lucky shortly after i found her in a ditch

Lucky now....almost 1 year later and 10lbs heavier!!

here's rambo when he came home from the shelter

and rambo now...the biggest lovebug in the world (6mos and 6+lbs)
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They are all so precious. It's great to see what beauties they have grown into!

Anyone have any more?
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This is a GREAT thread!! I'm being naughty and posting these at work (Have papers piled HIGH on my desk, have a zillion of things to do and am doing this instead!)

Here's Tango- first day with me- he was rescued from a busy street near my work.

Here's an updated pic of Tango. He hasn't changed much!
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What a cute thread - I love seeing then and now pics of everyone's kitties!!!

Here's Cody when I got her:

and now...20 lbs heavier!!!!
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All those pics are great and so damn cute!

I have lots (and lots) of baby Guin pics but I don't have a scanner so can't scan them to post them I am afraid!
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Here's Peppy with her littermates-Sweetie (mom cat) gave birth to all in my bedroom before I could get her to an experienced foster mom so I ended up fostering all for3-4 months before finding homes for all.. Peppy is the one in the middle of the huddle..

Here's an updated pic of Peppy..

Here's Spikey and Buddy -first time I saw them at a vet's place and instantly fell in love with them. I was holding them in that pic. (only 3-5 wks old- rescued from a park).

Here's a better pic..
Here's an updated pic of Spikey and Buddy..

Last of all but not the LEAST!!
Zebra - first week with me and Sunniday (RB cat). She was 9 months old when I adopted her.

current pic of her- she has gained some pounds!
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Here's Sash shortly after I found him with his sister Lucki

My big handsome guy now!

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Great pics guys!!!
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THEN: Allie (tuxedo) & Bob (marble) born from a feral colony back in March...left by their mother, I brought them in hours-old. My miracle, bottle-fed babies (boy, were they knocking on the door of the "rainbow bridge")

They have grown into beautiful, loving little fuzzy faces (6 months old) NOW:

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This is my "Little Man" 3 months ago. We bought him at the end of May this year. He was 8 weeks old when we bought him.....

That would only make him 5 months old in this pic....

Look at the teeth on that boy!!!

And Lilo... (my little princess)at 8 weeks old.....

And this is a pic of her just after she was fixed.... (so she has a little 3rd eyelid)

And one of her getting her daily hair brushing!! (She says it keeps her young lookin)

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This is Charlotte the very first time I met her. She wasn't mine until a month later. 8 months old maybe?

This is Charlotte now. Her tummy hair never lays "attractively" and makes her tummy look fat!! I love her anyway. 3 years old.

This is Izzie when she was about 3 weeks old. That's my leg!!

And this is Izzie about 11 months old. She'll be 1 years old on Friday!!

If you want to see more cat "growing up" pictures, I have plenty on my personal website. Click on the link below my signature.
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Originally Posted by leesali

I love that picture!!!!
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here's Cable, her 1st weekend at my house (8 weeks)

here she is today, a year old!

here's Java, the night she came to me (approx. 3 1/2 months)

today, at 7 months.

no baby pix of Mouse or Pixel, so can't compare them!
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Cleo and Alex 2 years ago when we adopted them from a friend who had three litters in his house at the same time. (We encouraged him to spay his cats.)

Alex enjoying a bookshelf while we unpack.

Cleo hanging out in the beanbag chair.

BTW this was a great thread idea!
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Wow!! Look at those shiny & healthy!! Alex & Cleo have become real beauties!!
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