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Just Me?...Or Anyone Else a Real Wuss...

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I feel like such a wuss!! I dropped off my 2 6-month old babies this morning (Bob & Allie) for netuer & spay. You would think the technician from the vet. was taking my 1st born with the way I reacted. I just couldn't hold back those tears. What is wrong with me

Yesterday, I dropped off 2 little 5-week old fuzzy girls for adoptions...I've only been fostering them for a few days. Well, guess what? I had the same reaction

Two weekends ago, I had my hands full of placenta, umbilical cords, blood and dying newborns (don't ask - long story) and didn't shed one-single tear. Take a kitten (even for a few hours-Bob's neuter) and I turn into a big wuss

Anyone else that wussy or is it just me? ....and no I'm not PMS'ing...and no I'm not going through my changes (too young still)
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I am too. you should have seen the tears in my eyes when i have dropped each one off for a spay or Neuter...oh and when i drop them off for their full nose to tail exams? I cry too! and to comfort myself i go and shop and buy stuff for the kitties! so they wont hate me when they are done..LOL Bellie got a new bed..Dutchy got a pile of treats and toys..Jellie a new brush...Lg a new collar...

sense a pattern here? lol but like you..when i had to bury one of Dutchys little ones that was not fully devloped i did it in stoic silence. much later i cried..or when i have helped pull foals from mares...i didnt..cry i just did.
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My kitties go for the same procedure in a month or two... I know I'll cry.
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I believe that being a wuss is a requirement of being a pet lover.
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Wuss reporting for duty!
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I have a hard time leaving gigi at the gfroomers ... Yes WUSS is a owned by pet requirement
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I bawled my eyes out in the surgery both times when i handed Rosie and Sophie over to be spayed
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I have to get my baby spayed next month and I've been worrying about it for a long time-- just ask Amy (Ugaimes). I can't feed her the night before, anesthesia has risks, how much pain will she endure after the surgery, will she overexert herself or pick at her stitches..... Yeah, I'm a big wuss, too.
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I a big wuss for animals too. I can watch all sorts of movies/documenteries about tragedy and death amung people and think "Wow, that's really sad."

But I see one baby lemur not make it on the discovery channel and

I don't watch that channel anymore.
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I was in the same boat two weeks ago -- both my husband and I cried when we dropped our little one to be spayed! I bawled buckets of tears with the first neutering and the poor little thing was all weak from the anaesthetic afterwards. It's nice to know we are not weird and we are not alone!
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I thank all of you for being big wusses too!! I am not alone!!

Just got back from picking-up Bob from neuter. He feels a bit lighter
All went well...no complications As glad as I am to have Bob home safe & sound, I am just as sad that Allie has to stay overnight.

I thought the receptionist at the vet. was going to duck behind her desk when I walked in...the crazy lady that was crying this morning is back...but I suppose they see this reaction all the time.

Thanks for the support & although I hate when anyone cries, it's good to know there are some criers (?) out there
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