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Wow, what a stunning cat - and i dont like torties (although do have a soft spot for tabbies). Fingers crossed for her.
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Well, they forgot to call us as promised, so my hubby called them. Her fever has come down a bit, though she still does have a fever. They took a urine sample and sent that over to the lab for testing and they asked us if they could take blood samples, so I'm assuming they did that today as well. They really did not have much to tell us, and so now we are waiting for test results. Not sure how long that takes... I will call them in a little while if they haven't called me.

My hubby said the vet didn't sound too concerned... so I'm taking that as a good sign.
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I hope it is nothing serious. I do not have children either (in spite of my profession and it's a long saga) and my YY is my baby!! So I know what you are experiencing! I'll think some good thoughts and send them her way - and yours!!!
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Originally Posted by nikithetiger
Ok, I found one pic of her on my old website, I'll try to insert it here.

that is the coolest cat markings i've ever seen!! i love when cat have that two different fur thing goin on! where its like orange, yet like darker striped. thats sick! (meaning good of course) i saw another cat like that when i got my cat river...awesome! well hope she gets better she needs to go romp around and play for only being like 2 1/2!!
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Good luck, I hope everything will be okay!!
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I called last night and they said they wanted to keep her overnight again to keep an eye on her. They said to call after 9am for the results of the tests.

So this morning I called at 10am (figuring I'd give them a bit longer to get them) but they still did not have them. They said they should be there by the end of the morning.

Good news though: Shadow's fever is gone and she's eating good!! WOOHOO!! They're pretty sure she can come home today - just depends on the results of the tests.
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Great news!! Fingers crossed that she makes a full and speedy recovery
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Shadow is home yippee! And much more lively!

They weren't sure what she had... they said the blood tests showed that she was slightly anemic, but that could be the result of her not feeling good. And they figure that the fever was an allergic response to... something, they do not know what....

sigh, $271.00 for them to tell me they don't know what was wrong, but here are a few maybes. But at least they gave her antibiotics and she's getting better.

Hey, how much does pet insurance cost? And how much of those fees would it have covered? We're debating whether we should get pet insurance.

We just do not have that $271.00. We had to put it on the credit card, sigh. Sorry, that was just more than I expected it to cost. I don't understand all their fees... they told us it would cost $5.00 to board her overnight if she didn't need the vet's attention, but $18.00 a night if the vet had to look at her. They decided the vet had to look at her, so they charged the $18.00 a night. But on top of that, they also charged $15.00 cuz the vet looked at her each of those nights... why charge extra???

Do not be mistaken, I am super happy Shadow is back and healing. That has me ecstatic. But that $271 has me depressed cuz we just cannot afford it (we just updated all our pets shots and bought a new puppy). Maybe my hubby can talk to them about the double charges (those are the ones that annoy me, the others are fine... ouchie, but fine).

Again, yippeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee my baby is back!! And she's walking around, checking things out. Full of life! I will try feeding her in a bit. They said she ate a lot earlier. My mom said she noticed her still walking a little stiffly, so I will keep an eye on that. She has to see the vet again in one week.
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I'm glad Shadow is home and is doing better!!!
I know about those vet prices. When I took Spyder in the other week after xrays and meds it was 159.00!! Boy, did my jaw drop when I heard that total! Good thing the vet's ok with payments cause all I had on me was 60.00
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Hey guys, it's been awhile since I've been back... changed computers and lost the link to the forum...

Shadow had been doing well after her vet visit... but lately she has started getting sick again. Doing the painful meowing/yeowling thing, sitting in one corner, barely eating, barely going to the bathroom. And I just caught her going pee in the house again!!

We do not have the money to bring her to the vet again only to find out they don't know what she has... I have barely started paying off the first vet fee! I don't know what to do! Do you think they would give us the meds without seeing her?

She has seemed to feel better today and yesterday (except for the peeing thing). She's been walking around a bit and eating fine. Not sure if she's going to the bathroom or not.

And how do you get a cat to go back into the litter box? (and no it's not cuz it's dirty - she hasn't really used it) Now I'm also worried about all the other places she might have gone to the bathroom... I just happened to be right beside her this time. Good thing we haven't started our renovations yet! Otherwise there would be a new rug in here.
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How are you going to pay for renovations if you can't afford to take care of your cat. I can't believe your vet kept your cat, charged you $271 and had no idea what is wrong with it. Did the vet do blood tests to check the kidney function? Your cat is sick and someone needs to find out the problem. If you feel the care he was given was not good from the vet who treated him, then you need to take the cat to someone who you can trust to find out the problem. If you don't, it might cost your cat his life.'
I don't mean this to sound harsh, but cats can fade fast. Many of us have learned that the hard way. Take good advice and get your cat back to the dr.
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Can you take Shadow to a different vet? She really needs to go, hun. Do you feel comfortable taking her temperature? If she has a fever at least the vet can bring her temp down.

BTW, I used to live in Troy VT when for a few years when I was a kid. I've been to Newport, but the last time was 13 years ago. I have relatives in Brownington. Hi and Welcome to TCS from Florida.

I pray that Shadow gets better soon and stays well.
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Well, I called the vet and they wanted us to bring her in but we told her we couldn't spend that much money. So they gave us an antibiotic. Even before we started giving it to her, Shadow seemed to start feeling better... maybe we were just being extra careful with her... well except for the peeing on the rug thing...

I brought the kitty litter box upstairs where Shadow stays and made sure she ate at least once a day (she probably eats more, we're not around all day, but I made sure she ate at least once). Now she's frollicking around like her old self... so hopefully she'll be ok.

On a side note, we bought this house with the purpose of fixing it up and reselling, so the "renovations" we need to make are not for personal pleasure. We've had the house for over a year now and only one room has been mostly completed... I have three rooms partially done (as in torn apart) but nothing has been done to them that costs money... cuz there's been no extra money.
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