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My Crew (Drew, Jake, & Sebastian)!

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Drew-Bear (Get a load of the look on his face!)

Me & Jake (He wanted to chew on the camera more than be still for a picture)

Sebastian (He loved laying on that monitor.. when we got rid of it he never laid on another monitor.. just this particular one)

Jake (Finally got him to be still for 2 seconds so I could snap a picture.. isn't he adorable? He's the lover of the family)

Sebastian (Had to dangle string to get him to look my way.. he was purposefully IGNORING my calls.. lol!)

Jake & Drew (Jake being the "butt" he really is.. and Drew wondering what that awful smell is)

Sebastian (This is the ONLY way he'll drink water.. he won't even use his Drinkwell fountain that we got.. LOL)

Jake (I think he was finally fed up with the picture taking.. what do you think? lol)
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What handsome and playful boys you have!
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Beautiful pics Cassie!
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They're a beautiful crew!! Very handsome bunch.
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Aww, they're gorgeous! Funny too!
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What a handsome trio!
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Drew, Jake, & Sebastian are ADORABLE!

I am so jealous! I want a trio of siamese!

Did you ever think about getting a female seal point ? I bet that would mix things up

Thanks for sharing those pictures, I would love to see more!
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Those are great pics!!

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What handsome boys you have And so alike!!
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Here are some of all three (mostly Drew.. I'm on a Drew kick because he's hospitalized at the vet with a virus right now).

Only Drew was brave enough to wade around in the water. The other two were quite content to just watch.

This is Drew discovering the drain the tub. To this day he LOVES for us to turn on the faucet in the tub so he can "chase" the water down the drain.

Time to dry off after a nice warm bath!

This is back when they were all kittens and we had *just* gotten them. See how white they are compared to now? They're so tiny here too! I miss their kittenhood days! Drew would sleep inside our room mates shoes (He wore a size 16). LOL! So so cute!
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Too cute!
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Can't tell you how much I enjoyed these photos! I got a kick out of the one in the water.
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I can't believe it, but I don't think I have ever seen pics of your furkids?! How adorable!

I especially love the water pics. Please feel free to share more pics with us anytime you feel like it!
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They are very handsome boys!!!
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Awww, what lovely pics of all your kitties! Drew is quite the adventurous little boy!
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Wow, a trio of gorgeous Siamese boys- who could ask for anything more?? Thanks for the pictures- you have quite a beautiful and adventurous crew on your hands!!!
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They are beautiful.
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