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Ways to medicate a cat:

**Crush the pill and mix it in with a small amount in wet food. If the vet says you can use this method and the medication does not lose it’s effectiveness when mixed with water. Also some medicines come in liquid form.

** Get two soft cat treats in a flavor the cat can't resist, put pill between the treats and squish together to form a ball. Some kitties will gobble this down. Or use liver sausage Bransweiger that you can find in your lunch meat section of the grocery store Cheese whiz also works

*** Hold your cat like a baby and take the pill to the side of her mouth pushing her mouth open with your fingers (index and thumb with pill in the middle) and place the pill to the back of her throat. Hold her gently until you are sure she has swallowed it.

** Use a pill gun (you can get one fairly cheap at your vet’s office.

** Kneel on the floor with the cat between your knees, cross your ankles and make sure your bottom is as low to the ground as it can get. Gently raise her head up and open her mouth and quickly insert the pill to the back of the throat. Close mouth and gently stroke the throat, or blow on time gently in the face to start the cat to swallow. With kitty wedged that way it is hard for her to escape.

** Hold cat in lap, tip cat’s head up, gently open mouth by inserting finger into the side of the mouth by the gumline. When the cat opens his mouth, pop the pill in and gently stroke the throat.

*** Gently wrap your cat up in a towel, so all feet are safely wrapped up. Set cat on top of washing machine or counter, gently open the cat’s mouth, insert the pill, close. Feed small amount of canned cat food afterwards.

*** See if your medication is available in a special gel that can be rubbed into the cat’s ears.

***Check out this website

***Bottom line, two things aid in giving cats their pills easily and quickly- extra help when doing this and a pill gun available at your vets.