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Amy, that is excellent news!!! I agree with the purple suit. Like you said, the color symbolizes your cause. You GO GIRL!!!!
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The purple suit sounds great. I love conservative outfits in fun colors! It shows that you are serious but still have a personality.

What a great idea for outreach. Our church has people show up asking for help on a weekly basis. Often they just want money, but they often need referrals to other community services.
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Good luck with that Amy! Make sure you get enough sleep too!
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I've been on alot of TV programmes. Congratulations and have fun!
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I was intereviewed on TV by chance last year when Wisconsin went through that whole cat hunting thing. I had my don't shhot the cat T shirt on!! Thankfully I didn't sound like to much of an idiot. Speak slowly and watch if you say umm alot.
Good luck and have fun.
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Man, nothing seems to go as planned lately!

I got home from work last night and my boss called me. He said that one of the higher-ups in the Army was very nervous about putting a contractor on TV because they are afraid that the conversation would to turn to the military given today's climate. I told all of them that I spoke with our Public Affairs Office, as well as the morning show's producer, and was assured that the interview would focus strictly on the upcoming clergy seminar.

Apparently that's not good enough for certain folks in the Army though . I hate that they just made this decision yesterday evening; this morning the clergy seminar planning committee is scrambling to find someone to take my place. I hate doing that to them

On the bright side....I won't have to get up at 4am on Monday now...
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Awww that's such a bummer Amy! I'm sorry it didn't work out as planned. It's so disappointing to find out at the last minute like that!!
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You ain't kiddin'! Ugh, the "joys" of Dept. of Defense jobs
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Amy, sorry to hear that.
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Bummer for you!!!
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Amy - I'm sorry it didn't work out. What a rotten thing for the army to do.
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Honestly, now that they've found someone else who can go on in my place, I'm sort of relieved. Now I can "sleep in" until 6:30am on Monday .

I just hate all this media conspiracy theory crap! I swear they're being just a bit too paranoid.

But thanks y'all for being so sweet . Where would I be without my TCS family?
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You would have been just great. Stupid people.
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You know...sleeping in is worth more than you think.

Congrats, anyway Amy!!!
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