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New cat terrified of humans

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I just got a new cat about a week back. She's really pretty Anyway, she's about 11 months old and has been kept in a cage all her life. When I brought her home she was really scared to leave the cage. I mean cats would usually race out of the cage. She was so scared that when I took her out she was running all around tripping everywhere. And when I put her in the cage again she was calm again. And whenever I pet or stroke her she would hide her face. She has improved now. She likes roaming around the house, though I still put her in the cage after she eats to toilet train her. But she's terrified of humans. Whenever I try to come close to her she would runaway. And she would try to avoid passing by anyone of us. I really wish she wasn't so scared. Do you think she could be affectionate one day? Please help.
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Did your cat happen to come from a breeder by any chance?? Most breeders, although I can't speak for all of them, keep their cats in cages. I have a munchkin who was in a cage her entire life until I got her. She came from a breeder and was very shy, withdrawn and unsocialized. It has taken over a year for her to come out of her shell. She is now a happy, healthy, normal cat that loves to play, jump and be around other cats. I think it's just going to take time. What you might want to do is keep a carrier open, somewhere in a secluded spot where she can go to feel safe. Just give her time, love and patience. She eventually will come around. Good luck.
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I totally agree. Have some patience and a lot of love and your fur baby will come around and will love you all the more. It takes some kitties longer than others, so please dont give up!

Best ofluck

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Oh, I am so happy she has a nice home with you now!

My kitty Poppy, who is a wonderful loving cat who sleeps curled up in my arms every night, was like this when we got her.

I got 2 cats as a set, mom and daughter. Poppy had been abused and was terrified all the time. For the first couple months we hardly saw her. We just made sure no doors ever got shut so she wouldn't get trapped anywhere. Over the years (weve had her for 3), she has slowly, very very slowly, become more and more affectionate. There are times where she gets scared, but I talk to her and tell her it's ok, and she usually calms down. She is a great cat and I am so glad I have her.

We never invaded her space, although sometimes I might look in to make sure she was still in the house, and tried not to talk loudly or move quickly around her. Whenever she wanted, she had a lap to lie in and be petted, or her own space. She is so affectionate now! She even lets me give her baths in the tub and I don't even have to hold her.
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Just noticed you posting Donna and wanted to say welcome back!!!

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Your kitty will probably come around, given time, patience and lots of love. Don't get discouraged as it really can take quite a long time. I think though because of the age, it will come around sooner than older ones.

I need to clarify something though..

"most" breeders don't keep their cats in cages... Alot do, but I wouldn't say most. Alot of breeders who cage thier cats only do that during the actual breeding and remain there until the kittens are old enough to be sold. Males are usually caged when there is a chance of unintentional breeding, or housed seperately from the females.

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Thanks for the advice you guys. She did come from a breeder. There were like 30 of them there, all caged up. I will be very patient and loving. Thanks again.
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How luck can one kitty be to have found you!!!
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