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Panicing Here ..... Need Advice

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Ok, I am a dog person and semi-allergic to cats, but I am a sucker for animals of any kind. My hubby said I couldn't have a dog but if I really wanted a pet I could have a kitten. After much thought I decided I could just take Claritin and adopt a kitten. I found a lady in the paper with 3 kittens. When I went to pick up my kitten she said she was taking the other 2 to the pound. We don't have any no-kill shelters here either. Needless to say I ended up with 3 kittens. We have had them for 3 months now. Cali is a free spirit and very loving, Shadow is more happy alone but if she wants to be pet lets you know. Lil'Bit is the most loving of the 3 of them and wants to be held and cuddled all the time.

Anyway, last night my husband was at work and some jerk threw a little kitten barely weened out of their car right near his job. He was able to get the kitten out of a wheel basin of an 18-wheeler and brought her to me on his lunch break. She was covered in greese so I had to bathe her,

Cali hisses and bats at her or growls when she walks by, Lil'bit hisses and bats at her. Surprisingly Shadow is being almost motherly to her and seems to be trying to protect her from my other 2. Shadow still lets me pet her but Cali and Lil Bit run or hiss at me if the kitten is near me. We named the kitten Lucky because she is out little rescued baby.

I don't know what to do. I want them all to get along and I don't want my other kittens to think I love them any less because I am having to tend to the new kitten. I am also haing a problem where the new kitten hisses claws and bites if you try to pick her up but once you have her and pet her she is fine and even purrs. I don't know what to do.

If you have any advice at all please I welcome anything that may help.
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You need to introduce a new kitten to an established household slowly and carefully. You've been lucky with Shadow, but Cali and Lil'bit see Lucky as an invader on THEIR turf, which is why they are being so hostile.

Seperate the new kitten from the residents, and gradually begin to introduce them by swaping bedding/toys over so that they get used to each others scent. Feed them in seperate rooms, but on opposite sides of the same door so that they get used to smelling each other near when they eat. Then, slowly let them have time together when you are there to supervise, try to get them to play together to take their minds off any aggression that may show. If they hiss/growl too much then seperate them for a while. This process may take weeks to complete properly, but by then all cats should accept one another.

I'm sure someone else will be along soon to explain in more detail
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Awww, the poor baby!
First thing is to take the introductions slowly. Keep the new kitty in another room with the door closed.
Check out this thread about introducing new cats to the household.

You should also keep them seperated until the new kitty is checked by a vet to make sure he's healthy and doesn't have anything your current kitties can catch.

Good luck!
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Awwww the poor angel They must have no heart to throw an animal of any sort out like that And bless your heart for taking her in

Dianes put a good link up for you, but let us know if you need anymore help because weve all been there with the hissing and growling at some point
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