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You may not remember me. I used to come here and post a long time ago...and hissy helped me out with a stray kitten that i tried to save...
anyway My name is Lorian.
I lost my cat Nico to an unfortunate accident a couple of weeks ago...I miss him terribly
He was beautiful ...and i miss his grumpy blue eyes....(we called him grumpy grampa) LOL
He was a himalayan...
My other cat bob misses him also...and walks around looking for him day after day
I even caught myself calling for him the other night and then realized he wasnt there....
I am getting a persian tommorow from a lady that can no longer take care of her and i feel so guilty like I am trying to replace him...but i never could...I stumbled upon her on the internet and knew i just had to bring her home...
anyway i know this is rambling and doesnt make much sense....I am tired and still greiving pretty hard....just wanted to vent and say hello again....
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I'm so, so sorry for your loss of Nico

Don't feel guilty because your getting another. Nico will never be able to be replaced and i always say things happen for a reason, and right now Nico won't want to see his mum sad, so call this fate that another fuzz ball came along when you need that little bit extra comfort to help you through this

As soon as you get her bring her straight in to fur pages
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thankyou for dropping in Lorian and I am so sorry to hear about the loss of Nico - how it must be breaking your heart

Never feel like your replacing Nico. I have a belief that our loved ones lead us to these precious souls that need our love. Nico will be watching over you pleased that this little one has found a loving home with you.

RIP sweet Nico - you are most certainly missed - wait at the bridge until you meet again little one
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Condolences on the loss of your beloved Nico. It is so hard to lose a beloved furry family member! I hope the addition of the new rescued persian helps distract you from your pain. Of course she can never replace his loss, but she will offer her own comfort to you and Bob, as you comfort her in her losses.

Please come back to TCS and keep us posted about how it goes with your new cat, and post lots of pics of all your cats.
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Sorry to hear of your loss of will have many fond memories of him I am sure. Anytime you need to talk I will always be here to listen

RIP Nico
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I am sorry for your loss. It looks as if fate stepped in and asked you to be an angel to another one. Don't feel badly about "replacing" Nico. That just won't happen.
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Condolences on your loss of Nico, Lorian & Bob! It is so hard to be left behind when a loved one crosses RB! I am glad that you have found the courage to love again, and bring that wonderful persian into your heart & home. {{{Prayers & good vibes}}} for Bob to accept the newcomer, not as a replacement but as a comfort for you all! Hugs, Susan
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Please accept my sympathy for the loss of your sweet Nico. May the new kitty help you heal and leave you with new happy memories. Hugs to you.
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Lorien, I'm very sorry to hear that you lost your beloved Nico. Don't think of it as replacing Nico...think of it as Nico guiding you to find this little girl who needs you.
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Thanx i wish i would quit bursting out in tears every 5 seconds ...whoever said nico would be watching me take care of this new baby really touched my heart....I know he will be....but i just wish he was here instead....feels like a bad dream....
I didnt get her today .....her owner asked me to wait until the weekend...I feel so bad for this lady....she has to give up her fur baby because she is sick
Thanx everyone....lorian
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A friend of mine lost her beloved cat Bumper just this year, and if you scroll through these threads you can read it, but she said a few days later she could have sworn she could feel bumper lying across her legs in bed like he used to?!, and that gave her comfort because Emma was so distraught over his death and she took that as a sign to let her know he was ok

The thing is your doing this lady a favour by taking the worry from her on whats going to happen to her cat by giving her a loving home, and now this poor cat needs your love to help her through leaving her owner

So really your all helping each other
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So sorry for your loss- my kitty is also named Nico (short for Nicodemus). Don't worry, your kit will be waiting for you at the RB.
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I'm very sorry for your loss. RIP sweet Nico.
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Ice over...
My cats name was also short for Nicodemus

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Yes ...I also heard him and once thought i saw him out of the corner of my eye....
I know that sounds crazy....but i felt like he was here....
sort of like he was staying around until the worst was over
I keep feeling better and then I see or hear something that reminds me and it starts all over again...
I hope your freind who lost her fur baby is better....
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Lorian, I've missed you, and am glad to see your return. How heart breaking that this is what has brought you. You love precious Niko so very much. You must be so absolutely crushed. Niko knows you love him, and is now watching over you from Heaven. Of course your grieving terribly. I pray that you feel peace in your shattered heart during your painful time of grief. Please remember, if you need an understanding friend, I'm right here for you anytime.
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To see our kitties shared full names makes me even sadder! I'm so sorry! He was a pretty baby!
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