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Less than perfect Hygiene

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Ok, I'd really like some help here from any who can offer it. My little 4 month old kitty Gypsy is the sweetest, most affectionate girl in the world who'd rather be in my amrs than anywhere else in the world. The problem? Shes a pretty clean kitty except for her butt She always smells like, ahem.... 'litterbox butt'. She is a very healthy girl its just a matter of her not cleaning herself 'back there'. Is there any way I can kind of trian her to be more diligent about this? I don't really want to have to wipe her butt for the rest of her life, and shes still young enough to catch on to new concepts quickly. I might add she is also one of those, 'I love you so much I'm gonna put my butt in your face' cats which makes this an even bigger problem
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Well I don't have any advice for you, but I can relate. Our newest addition, Cymone has a general smell about her that makes me believe she is also not the most hygienic person. I can just "smell" her, not a terrible smell but enough to know she needs a bath.
She was still adjusting, but once I feel she is comfy in her new home, she is hitting the tub!! Its funny, but her paws always smell terrible, yet I see her clean them a lot. Maybe some kitties are just stinkier than others!!!!
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When we got Jinxy, he had the same problem. He stunk and did not clean his but or anything else very well for that matter. I was worried thatmaybe his momma did not teach him properly and was wondering how I could teach him!!

Anyway, it turned out that he was just too young. Give it some time. Jinxy is now 9 months old now and he cleans his butt and licks himself clean everywhere else all of the time. I am so pleased. He doesn't stink any more either.
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My boy has the same problem - he tries - but then stops with his mouth halve open and his tounge hanging out and expression of YUK on his face. I have resigned myself to the fact that he'll never clean that area. What I do is wipe his butt once a day with a baby wipe ......might want to give it a try!!
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Jake does too (sometimes)! :tounge2: It's kinda embarrasing when u have guests over and he gets up on them and nearly knocks them unconcious - thank goodness it's usually just my friends that have their own smelly bum cats I think it's just sometimes you might catch them after a visit to the "reading room". He's usually not smelly, but sometimes EEEEEWWWWWWW
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Well, I am sure glad to see that my Cymone isn't the only stinky cat around!!!!!! Yikes, I thought something might have been physically wrong with her, she has such an odor sometimes!! Seems these kitty's need some hygiene classes!!!!!!!!
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I swear Jake does it to gross me out - he gets a chuckle..... kinda looks up, half closes his eyes and smiles at me:tounge2:
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As Feebe from "Friends" would sing:

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OOOOOOOOOOOOh - I love that song!!!
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