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Kitten diarrhea

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Hello everybody! I've joined this site because my husband and I just found a kitten in the woods on a walk and took it home. I have rescued strays before (which is why we have 5 cats), but this one is pretty sick with diarrhea - it seems to be constant and involuntary, which makes for one messy kitty! I have never seen anything like this...any ideas on what it may be? He is eating well and drinking lots of water. He is also in the garage in a kennel for now, so our others won't get sick too.

We plan to take him to the vet asap, but I'd like to know if there's anything I should mention to the vet or anything I can do to help stop this!

Any ideas! I'd love to hear them!
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Have them check for giardia, coccidia and also rule out distemper. Keep the kitten isolated and try and add pedialyte to the kitten's water and or canned food to give back what the kitten is losing. Also be sure the kitten stays hydrated. If you scruff the neck gently and release, the skin should fold back down quickly. If it stays tented up- then get this kitten to a vet NOW!
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Thanks hissy. I took him to the vet this morning, and sure enough he has coccidia and roundworms - the vet thinks that's the cause of it. He got a saline bolus as well.

Now we're home and Peanut is napping comfortably in the garage. And boy can he EAT! I think he is going to be just fine in a few days.
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