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My Jasmine is GONE!!

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I don't know what to do, we really can't find our little Jasmine! She's about 9 weeks old and she's been gone since early this night! Usually she'll join us when we put our kids to bed, but not tonight. We figured she had found herself a nice place to sleep. We watched TV until our bedtime, then when she was still gone we started really looking. We've been all over, even checked dishwasher, inside cabinets, washer/dryer, fridge etc. She's just gone! I'm getting really scared now, wondering if she could have possibly gotten outside as the kids were outside right before bedtime. They are usually very good about keeping doors closed, and they know not to let her out, but I guess anything is possible... That makes me worried sick! I went outside calling for her, but she's got such a week sounding meow that it's going to be very hard hearing her.
How can I go to sleep like this!!! And we have such a large house with 3 floors, she could be inside but that we just can't find her; then again, maybe she did get outside... She doesn't have a tag on or anything, didn't think this would happen, and at such a young age!
We live in a rural area, with a bit of woods and all, I wouldn't even know where to start looking outside! I sure hope she's close by if outside!
She's such a little baby, so loving and sweet, very social. Can't stand thinking she might be outside!
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At nine weeks old, she could be anywhere in the house. Calm down first, because if you are stressed and wanting her to come to you, the stress in your voice alone will keep her away. Take each room one by one. Go into each one and lie down on the floor on your stomach. Look around carefully, think like a kitten and then start searching on your hands and knees. Look under the recliner (up into the footrest) look under the chairs, feel if the lining is all intact, look under places you would think a kitten couldn't fit, because trust me they can get into a matchbook if they want! Take each room and look low, and then start looking high. Search every nook and cranny and then broaden your search outside www.lost-pets.org will help you with some of the steps
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I FOUND HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just had to keep looking, and I found her in the furnace room! I called and called for her, all of a sudden I heard scratching and she came from behind a large box! I cried before I found her, but boy did I bawl when I saw her! She's my little baby and I love her so!! Now I'm full of snot from all those tears, but I do have a big smile on my face! Guess who's going to sleep in my bed for the first time tonight! She's on my lap right now, purring and neading away after a good meal! And she'll be getting a micro chip soon, I think!
Even my dh had starting to bond with her, and that says a lot; he wasn't too crazy about the thought of getting a cat, but he too sees how special she is! She's one of a kind!
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THAT'S WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a relief!!!
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glad to hear a good ending to this post

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YAY!! I'm glad you found Jasmine safe and sound!!!
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Wow, you have no idea (well maybe you do...) how scared I got last night! I truly started thinking we'd seen the last of her. In addition, when I posted about it, the picture I have of her in my post was gone too, for some reason, and tired as I was I totally took that as a sign that I'd never see her again...... But I just couldn't bring myself to go to bed. Thank you Hissy for your good advice and encouragement, I'm sure I'll be looking for her again... Then I'll know to not get desperate too early. As you said, there are tons of places she could be, and she would not necessarily come when called. She is really exploring these days and trying out new sleeping places, so there are few "typical" places that she'd be. Just gotta keep on looking.
It took me a while to calm down yesterday, but I fell asleep smiling though! With Jasmine on top of my arm purring!!!! She was soooo happy to be in my bed, she totally loved it!
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Don't worry - we have all been there and know the feeling. I lost a kitten once and eventually found him up a chimney! His meows could hardly be heard but we got him out and bathed him of soot. SO you can always panic here and get some good advice.
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good to hear you found her
kittens are just so goofy all the time
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Silly little Jasmine, worrying you so! I'm so relieved this had a happy ending!
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