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I went to an all-girls school. The vollyball team was the Sacred Heart Blazers.

The all-boys school down the road had the Griffin Cyclones for football. The two schools merged and now I don't know what they have!
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Elementary - Stone Creek Golden Eagles
Middle - Lakeside Mariners
High School - Woodbridge Warriors! Our mascots were students dressed up in Native American costumes. Got the boot because it wasn't "PC". When I left, our mascot was the Chicken (i.e. The San Diego Chicken!) "do a search and you'll see!"
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OK...get ready for some real intimidating mascots!!!

Junior High: Falcons (not so bad, it was an Air Force School)

High School: The Riders aka. a guy on a horse...the dude on the Delaware Sate quarter, designed by the art teacher at my high school...a real eccentric guy who rides like 20 miles to the school each day in all seasons on a moped. He was pretty cool.

College: The Blue Hens (I just called it an ugly chicken)
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Our high school was the Confederates
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Elementary School: Knights

Junior High: Lancers (I still don't know the difference between a Knight and a Lancer)

High School: Redhawks, which is more PC than Redskins, but is not an actual bird.

College: Blue Demons (this is funny because I go to a Catholic University)
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Our school district is the Indians. I'm sure that someone will come in and try to change it.

A high school that I went to for a short time was the Solanco of course, we got called the Jacka**es by opposing schools.
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Elementary-Rascals (racoon or a badger. All I remember is a big animal head stuck to the wall (about five feet accross and high))
Middle School- Panthers
High School- Comets (yes.. like the big firey rocks that zoom around in space)

I got our mascot on one side of my class ring and it looks like a ball rolling through a graveyard (there's stars in the background and they look like little crosses )
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Ok...until I saw the Cornjerkers I was convinced that I had the worst of all time. Now I'm not so sure. (But it does make you wonder what their mascot's costume looks like.)

We were the Grenadiers. Don't feel're not alone. NOBODY knows what a grenadier is. Our mascot looked like someone in a funny old-fashioned band costume.

(BTW...a grenadier is a type of French soldier who used to throw grenades. )
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Originally Posted by GailC
But the best is my nephew-is high school is Hoopston, IL-their name-"The Cornjerkers"
That will always bring a smile to my face!!

I found their website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope someone gets me a "Cornjerkers" sweatshirt for my birthday!!!!!!
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Originally Posted by AbbysMom
I found their website!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hope someone gets me a "Cornjerkers" sweatshirt for my birthday!!!!!!
He is a cute little thing, isn't he?
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OMG!! That thing completely cracks me up!! I'm definitely ordering a shirt!! My BIL lives by Champaign, IL...we've got to stop by there on our next trip down! Yep...totally blows the Grenadiers away!
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High School- Eagles
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Notre Dame Cougars, for high school. I don't think we had mascots in elementary school and juniour high.
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elementary school - bears
high school - huskies!
college - wildcats!!
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My high school was the Mustangs...and yes...I was the Mascot...I ran around in a horse suit!!!!!!!!

Now, at my college ... we are the Gators.... and I decided to leave the mascoting behind
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