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The 'Friend' Test!

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Have you ever wondered just how much your friends really know about you? Well, go set up a "friend test." Hey, it's free!

Check out the test I set up on the on the - FriendTest.com - Put your friends to the ultimate test! web site. Set up your own test while you're at it. It's fun!


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Mr. Cat,
I only got 30

I set one up myself: http://www2.friendtest.com/viewquiz....t=tiggerbengal
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Don't feel bad: I only scored 17 on your test.

*is ashamed*

Well, it's fun anyway! And thanks for taking my test!


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Mr Cat - I got 40 on your test.

Tig - I got 100 on yours!
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I scored 40 on Mr. Cats, and 83 on Tiggers...this is fun!

I made one too...here ya go...
http://friendtest.com/viewquiz.php?account=Cleo it'd be great if everyone made one, c'mon you guys, its easy!
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Now, here is my test!Getting to know Alicia
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Alicia, my score on your test was 86...but for some reason it isn't showing up....maybe it will later?
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Cleo, I'm ashamed to report I scored a lousy 40 points on your test.

Nena, I got an 86 on yours!

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Cleo, got an 80
Tigger got a 100
Nena got an 86
Mr.cat, i went back to see what I had gotten on yours and it wasn't in the top 10 so I couldn't see.

those were fun!
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I'm glad everybody had some fun with those tests! Let's hope more folks join in and create their own tests.

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I got 100% on your test!!!!!! do i know you or do I know you!? LOL!:tounge2:
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Hey Joe, don't feel bad...I got 40 on your test too...sad, since we live only 4 or 5 miles away from each other!

Looks like Tiggers test got the highest accuracy rating, although I didnt do as well as Colby and Barb on that one.

This is a great site, wish more people would make their own tests though.
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My score was 40 ........ not too bad!

I got 50!

This game is fune!
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Cleo!! I got 70 for yours... MR Cat.... it ddin't show up.... SORRY!!!! Oh the shame..... I'll go make one now.....
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Alcohol is not a food!
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HA ah ha ha haah... so you noticed!!!! ha ha ha ha ha... Eh, I just couldn't think of anything else to put!! ha ha haha :LOL:
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I got a lousy 20 for Mr. Cat and 40 for Cleo. I haven't done the others but I will later. So you guys don't feel bad!
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AP - I got 50!!! (I think some of those were lucky guesses though... )
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that's ok, that's what I got on yours
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I got 30
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Bodlover, I got 60 on yours!

AP, I got 30 on yours!
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I seem to be doing well with the tests! I have to do one of my own.
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I got a 60. I think that's a D
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I got 40, which I think equals to an F!
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Gee, I got a 30 for Adymarie. I don't know anyone. I think I need to do my homework.
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Colby, I got 100 on yours! :tounge2:
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