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Worst dates ever?

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Inspired by another forum I sometimes visit - describe your worst date ever. I will go first.

I went out on a blind date once that my friend set me up on. He arrived in an old 80s brown leather jacket, a shaker knit purple sweater and black and white vertical striped satin baggy pants and brown cowboy boots. This was in 1997.

he then took me out for indian food and said he could read palms. He took my palm and said "I see that you will meet a very good looking man in your future".


I then went back to see his apartment cause he was bragging about how he owned two loft apartments. The first thing he showed me was his wedding pictures and made me pay attention to his ex-wife whose name was "Azra" and lived in LA, and then busted next door to show me the other loft he "owned". The people who lived next door looked suprised that he just walked in, and I was kind of thinking - that's rude.
I found out later he didn't own either of them!!!

Oh, I also forgot to mention that later in the date when I guess he was feeling comfortable, he confessed that my friend had told him I was really into my job (huh?) and so he "dressed up" for me.
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I talked to the guy I met in a chat room for a few months, then we decided maybe we should meet.
He was recently transplanted from NY city and was suffering major culture shock

We met over coffee and he was gentlemanly, and good looking and very easy to talk to.
I felt comfortable enough with him that we made a date for the coming weekend.
He picked me up at my mother's..she was suitably impressed.

After we left, it all went down hill.
His driving scared the bejesus out of me.
He decided to take me to see Dumb & Dumber
The movie sucked and he was literally rolling with laughter, I mean LOUD.
Afterwards we had a nice dinner, but he was very rude and demanding of our waitress, and LOUD.
The kicker was when he didn't bother to leave a tip, AND he stole a dessert menu.
I never spoke to him again.
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Prom was my worst date ever. My friend set me up. He was not cute. Then he had the nerve to go try to feel me up! Then I had to go to his prom the next week. I was not nice there at all. Although I did get to 'insult' the dj (who happend to be a sub at my school also...and a big 30 year old jerk who liked flirting with high school students...he's a teacher there now too...) So yeah, prom was bad...here's a pic to prove it! (sorry so small, couldn't get the other version small enough.)

Yes he was white.
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Nothing really horrible has happened on any dates, but one of them was really uncomfortable and WEIRD. I had a very public break up with my boyf at work (I was young), and this woman who worked there said this guy she knows is just wonderful and he's single. She kept going on & on about how cute he is and how much I'd like him. She gave me his number and I called him from work. He seemed nice enough, so I agreed to go out with him. We ended up all going out together, and I felt like I was on stage with the way everyone was staring at me, watching my every move. He was short, skinny as a twig, wore thick glasses, had a mustache (I can't stand mustaches) and looked like he was straight out of a 70's porn flick--and not even a 'good' one.

We all went to a park and he & I went for a walk and sat at the lake. It was gorgeous and I kept thinking I'd definitely come back there w/someone else. We talked for a little bit and the lady I worked with came over and got us, saying the cops were in the park. A couple was arguing and making a big scene, and we were sitting there in the park watching, when he took my hand and put his ring on my finger. I didn't know what to do! I was like huh? I didn't say a word.

Then we finally went back and we stopped at a gas station for gas and I went in with him. He made a big scene in a packed store about buying one of those crappy roses they have in stores like that for me. I had to act happy.

Then when I got home, he walked me to the door and I could practically feel his friend staring at me. He tried to kiss me and I went inside. Then he called later and was talking about a cookout they were having and I was just like "cool." Then he asked me if I would go with him and I said sure. I thought I'd at least meet some interesting people I'd probably otherwise never meet.

He called back later and I was on the phone talking to my ex boyf. He called and I told him I was on the phone and I'd call him back. He said "you're talking to HIM, aren't you? " I was like, "Uh, yeah..." Then he started getting angry and asked me why, and I told him we were just talking and he got REALLY angry and said "$#!%#@%#@ BUT I ASKED YOU TO GO WITH ME AND YOU SAID YES!" I was in shock. WHAAAAT? I thought he asked me if I'd go to the cookout with him! Who asks "will you go with me" anymore?! So he said he wanted his ring back, and to forget about the car....I forgot, he also offered to buy me a car since I had moved to Indiana to live with my sister and didn't have one. He told me he'd put a CB in it (he & his friends talked on the CB like most people talk on the internet) but I couldn't talk to any men. I didn't think he was serious. So anyway, I let him break up with me and forgot about the whole fiasco.

However, work was sort of weird after that.
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I know I can never match these creepy stories. Dates I had used to reminisce and fascinate me with their stories about horrific first nights out that are equally as bad as the above and some even worse. I've had many blah dates. The only bad one I can think of at the moment was just passively bad at its worst.

I was having a date with a woman I met on a dating site for my area. We planned to go to The Ex (amusement park rides and stuff). There was a band she wanted to see there as well. I thought we'd have some fun after the band going on a few rides, wasting money trying to win a big stuffed toy and maybe eat a snack. She refused to do any of that. None of it is the greatest fun or food you can have in the world, but geeeeez... let it go for once and try something... anything!!! She wouldn't even have a piece of pizza or a candy apple. What a waste of time that was... walking around with her refusing to do anything.
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Originally Posted by Purr
He was short, skinny as a twig, wore thick glasses, had a mustache (I can't stand mustaches) and looked like he was straight out of a 70's porn flick--and not even a 'good' one.

Originally Posted by Purr
when he took my hand and put his ring on my finger. I didn't know what to do! I was like huh? I didn't say a word.
oh my god!! LOL.
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There have been so many bad ones - but then I am older. I remember one guy when I was in my teens who asked me to a movie. We met at the train station and walked down to the theatre. He didn't say a word, though I tried to make conversation. While we waited for the film to start he took out a newspaper and began to read it. Then we watched the film (I can't remember what it was) and at the end he walked me back to the station and said goodnight. That was it.

The last 'date' I had was pretty bad. It was the only time I have agreed to see someone I met online. We met for lunch and we talked, and he seemed like a nice guy, though not someone I could ever be attracted to. Then he started to ask me about my management experience and whether I had ever done any catering. It turned out that he was looking for a partner who would manage his hotel! I guess he didn't want to waste time with people who were not suitable!
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Last date I had was with a man I met online, he seemed really nice and was intelligent, good looking and talkative. Only problem was he loved to talk about himself, and didn't have the slightest gentlemanly disposistion. He wolfed down his food as if he was starving (only time he didn't talk actually, didn't say a WORD through dinner - who said romance is dead !), and was checking/texting on his mobile every few minutes. Nothing like that to make a girl feel special. By the end of the night he'd told me about every one of his ex's, and a fair few details about his sex life that I could have lived without!
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I went on a blind date (my friend set it up) with a guy when I was about 20 years old or so. I met him at a resturant. When the guy took his jacket off, he was wearing a t-shirt that said "Obey Me"....needless to say I never went out with him again!
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