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The mother of my Aerowyn sadly died yesterday when she was hit by a car.

At the time Jasmine came to us, my mom and I were living in a friend's house so she could go live with her ex husband. She ended up moving back in with us, along with her 16 year old son. He found Jasmine one day when he was working at a local diner. She was skinny but otherwise in good health. She fit in very well with Elliot. About two weeks after we had taken her in we noticed that though she stayed skinny, her tummy kept getting larger. At first we thought it was worms, but upon further examination we discovered she was pregnant. She gave birth to four kittens (Mia, Lilo, Stitch, and Aerowyn) around four a.m July 18, 2004. Four weeks later my mom and I moved out and Jasmine stayed there because she was the son's cat. A few weeks after that the kitten I had chosen came home with me, and after Jasmine's last kitten had been given to a good home she once again resumed the life of an inside outside cat. Eventually she again became pregnant, and gave birth to two more kittens, Alice and Chopper. These two kittens eventually went to my mom's friend's daughter. Jasmine still didn't get fixed though I printed out a long list of low cost spay/neuter places, so she again became pregnant. She had four kittens this time, which are thankfully about seven weeks old now and old enough to do without their mom. Jasmine and her four kittens eventually joined Chopper and Alice because the two little girls of my mom's friend's boyfriend kept handling the little two week old kittens often and roughly, besides the addition of a dog who wasnt friendly towards the kittens. There Jasmine spend her time running in and out of the small apartment with her two children and nursing her other four. The apartment my mother's friend's daughter lives in is sadly right next to the main street of town, and my mom and I knew eventually something would happen and it did. If our landlord had allowed more than three cats we would have taken her in.

She at least had better last days even though she lived in a very small apartment, because she wasnt stressed out by the dog and the childen anymore. Her last home looked out onto a small park that had a river running through it. There was no playground, only a small stage on the far end. It was quite literally a paradise for a cat. A good way to spend your last days even if you didnt know they would be your last.

Jasmine leaves ten children and a well used squeaky mouse.
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I'm sorry to hear of her horrible accident
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Godspeed, Jasmine! Run free over RB and look down upon those who cared for you so very much, and know that they miss you & wanted only the best for you. Enjoy the rewards that such a good mama-kitty deserves. :angel2:
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Thats so sad the poor baby

RIP Jasmine Until you meet your babies, play with the other angels over the bridge
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I'm so sorry to hear about Jasmine. RIP sweet girl.
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How very sad. I am very sorry for the loss of Jasmine. Rest in peace sweet girl!
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So sorry to hear of your loss
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I'm very sorry for your tragic loss. RIP Sweet Jasmine girl.
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RIP angel Jasmine - you will be surely missed and never forgotton
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