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Area listing of cats that need homes

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In reading through several of the forums I noticed that several people were looking for cats, and we all know that there are plenty out there that need a home. The shelters and cat protection agencies are great, but I live on a fixed income, and the median cost of adoption in the ones I have been to runs about $35.00. Just to point out the relevancy her, my income is barely $500 a month and because I am disabled it is not going to get any better. That is a pretty hefty chunk of my month, considering I still have to live and eat.

I think it would be helpful if there was a forum to list lost and found cats by area, possibly with the emphasis on connecting people and animals by proximity. People in a given area would be able to find homes for babies without the costs involved in shelters.

It's a thought anyway...
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Anyone who wants to find a home for a cat or a kitten can post in the cat SOS forum. Personally, I feel better when people adopt through a shelter and I'll try and explain why.

Having a cat can be very expensive. A cat needs quality medical care, quality nutrition, usually a litter box and a supply of good litter and sometimes extra expenses for things such as behavioral counseling. Spaying/neutering is a must and it doesn't come cheap either. Too often we hear from people who say they can't afford to spay/neuter their cats and it's really sad as it perpetuates the problem of homeless cats.

In most shelters, you can only adopt a cat after it's been spayed/neutered and the adoption fee is used to cover the cost of the procedure. My feeling is that if a person cann't afford to pay for spaying/neutering and for medical care for the cat, then it may be in the best interest of the cat to go to another home.

When people let their cat have kittens at home and then try to find homes for them and give them away for free, there is always the possibility that the future owner will not be able to afford caring for the cat and will not spay/neuter/vaccinate etc.

I know it may sound harsh - saying that people with limited resources cannot enjoy the company of a cat, but I only have the cat's best interest in mind.

Just my 2 cents. And again, when some of our members need to find homes for strays, they are always welcome to post in the SOS forum.
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yeah i have gone to some shelter and well the cat i am looking for is not there well like in california there is only three shelters main shelter that i know about and i went to them and i could not believe it there was like two or three cats in each shelter and there were pregnant. i really can't adopt a whole family because i never had a cat dont get me wrong it will be beautiful to have a family but like you said the cost of spay and netured the liter of kitten i might be able to aford it but i really want to start by just one cat at a time for now. i love going to the shelter to help out but they somethimes don't know anything about cats they only know about dogs.
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There are a lot of smaller shelters out there that you may not know about, perhaps some that are more 'cat focused'. Try searching through www.petshelter.net It also lists the shelters adoptable animals, updated frequently, and adoption procedures and costs. California: http://www.petshelter.net/pets/adopt...indshelter.asp

And Anne is right. Pets are expensive, and part of the adoption fee is not only about paying for the vet care and spay/neuter (of which the adoption fee barely makes a dent), but also ensuring that you are serious about caring for your new friend. I'm a struggling college student, and my kitties make quite a dent in my budget. But I can do without some things for myself at times, and I'll tell ya, I'll starve before my kitties ever do!
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